Microsoft activities for 64-bit developer (Route64)

Before I start talking about Route64, let me tell you that the next 64-bit developer lab on Microsoft campus is scheduled for the week of June 6th. You can find more details about the lab in my last blog.

Now to something different, Route64.
It is a a free, one-day seminar on Microsoft’s 64-bit Windows Platform. This seminar is designed for Architects and Professional Developers who wish to learn more about the following topics:

·         Microsoft Product Roadmap and Market Opportunities

Including 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Server, .NET Framework, and Microsoft SQL Server


·         Architecture Review

Including AMD Athlon64, AMD Opteron, Intel Itanium Processor Family, and Intel Xeon With Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology


·         Application Compatibility

When and how to ensure your 32-bit applications work properly on 64-bit Windows


·         Code Migration

When and how to port your code to run natively on 64-bit Windows


To register for Route-64, for an agenda or for finding the out a list of cities we will cover, please go to



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