Intel to support 64-bit instructions in Xeon line

Now it is official. 64-bit with the appearance of an extended instruction set in Intel's Xeon line and with AMD's 64-bit Opteron and Athlon product line, 64-bit is ready for the masses.

Graig Barett at IDF just announced an extended instruction set for the Xeon processor. COOL.

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  1. .. says:

    Thats nice *files nails and yawns* but customers wont support Intel anymore.

    What we need is a 3rd player in the CPU market.

    IBM with PPC and / or China and its Dragon CPU.

    Im all for a little competition especially when I will be the winner from it all 😀

  2. .. says:

    I pitty those that use Intel on the desktop when its a bottleneck and costing productivity wheras AMD 32bit and opterons with hypertransport is whipping the llama’s ass.

    I have to suffer with Intel at work but hey, its not my money why do I care, I just go for a piss or coffee when I click Build Setup project.

  3. tepe says:

    My main concern is that AMD do not have a sufficient number of OEM’s supporting the chip. They will wait for Intel to come along with a solution which might take 2 years to catch up.

  4. .. says:

    Build your own

  5. mbecker says:

    Most recent discussions with different customers – and also potential – over different European countries showed, that the end users and – in front of all – business decision makers have more and more loyalty to Intel. Intel offers not just a product line – they offer a strategy with pre-sales consulting, support on right problem solution choice and continuos evolution. Not just lower price wins.

  6. tepe says:

    Not sure that Intel customers get a great deal, but what they do have is a great marketing engine which is the largest attraction for the OEM’s. This means that it is really hard to buy a AMD housed box from a supported OEM.

    I am not sure that many companies are going to build their own when the costs are already so low.

    However if Intel think anybody will buy Itanium, they have another thought.

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