So, you’ve never heard about Podcast? Never mind, Podcast is yesterday. PiMCast is the new means by which we will consume information, learn about new technologies and hear AND SEE snippets from other people’s lives in the form of video downloads for our Portable Media Center (PMC) devices. Even though these devices are not yet…


AMD64 vs. Intel EMT64T

Last week my team did an Internet radio show on franklins.net (http://www.franklins.net/dotnetrocks/). MP3. During the show I got questions about performance compariosn between AMD64 and EM64T. Since it is a bit difficult to compare 2 partners I am happy to work with “on the air”, here’s some data I just found. Someone else did the…


Route64, Phase II

Earlier this year I blogged about a worldwide 64-bit training, Route64. Now it’s time for an update. We’ve taken Route64 to the next level. Details about the tour, the dates, the cities and the content can be found on the registration website: www.route64.net.   Starting January, Microsoft in collaboration with HP and Intel run the second…


Pentium 4 64-bit Ante Portas

http://www.tomshardware.com/hardnews/20041008_133142.html. This all will become real fun. People still believe it will take a couple of years until 64-bit will be mainstream. Well, it will not take that long. http://www.intel.com/products/server/processors/server/pentium4/http://www.supermicro.com/newsroom/pressreleases/2004/press092004.cfmhttp://www.techimo.com/newsapp/index.pl?photo=11849http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=18144


64-bit Webcast Week

Microsoft will run a series of 64-bit webcasts on MSDN. This 64-bit Webcast Week is scheduled for the first week of November. I guess we have covered everything around 64-bit Windows development and deployment. The official announcement on Microsoft websites and via email will be sent out mid October. But you should be able to…


Running 64-bit Windows on x64 hardware

Thought I had to share this with you. Last week I received a Ferrari 3200 Laptop (just for testing for a couple of days L). The test system has: . 1 GB of RAM . AMD Athlon 64, 2800+ processor . 128 MB ATI graphics board . 1040×1050 native LCD screen resolution . 70 GB…


64-bit Windows, an advantage also for 32-bit applications

The easiest way to take advantage of a 64-bit OS is of course running existing – 32-bit – applications on the new platform. In earlier blogs I mentioned how easy it is and that even 32-bit application take advantage of the underlying 64-bit operating system. How? The 64-bit OS has way more headroom and resources…


Executing 32-bit applications on 64-bit

[go to http://blogs.msdn.com/volkerw/archive/2008/07/24/executing-32-bit-application-in-64-bit.aspx for updated links]  64-bit will soon be everywhere.So, will all application have to be rewritten? I guess not. Windows on Itanium, AMD-64 or Xeon EM64T supports the execution of 32-bit applications. You can install programs like WinWord, Excel and many many other non-MS applications w/o any problems on a 64-bit Windows OS. These…


Microsoft activities for 64-bit developer (Route64)

Before I start talking about Route64, let me tell you that the next 64-bit developer lab on Microsoft campus is scheduled for the week of June 6th. You can find more details about the lab in my last blog. Now to something different, Route64.It is a a free, one-day seminar on Microsoft’s 64-bit Windows Platform….


Microsoft activities for 64-bit developer (Focus64)

MS has some pretty good offerings for developers (ISV and enterprise). They are even for free or almost for free as you have to cover your own T&E. If you like rainy Seattle (I live here for more than a year now and cannot complain at all) and ever wanted to go to the Redmond…