Finding text in Bitmaps – OneNote to the rescue

This is seriously cool. Someone left me a huge document – printed on paper (so 20th Century) – on my desk for review. What to do? I wanted to use my PC to annotate, correct, add and stuff. Well, I started reading, got a text marker and a pencil and began scribbling on the first…


Creatively using a VHD file for development

Image Usage In a previous post I discussed the creation of a fully configured Windows based virtual machine for various Windows development work. Now let’s use it. This post assumes the availability of a fully configured VHD file as outlined in the previous post “Setup a Windows Development Environment in a Virtual Machine and Beyond”….


Setup a Windows Development Environment in a Virtual Machine and Beyond

Let me explain how you can build your own Windows development system for anything Windows development from Windows Store app and Windows Phone, all the way to Windows Azure. All based on free and/or trial software. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working on a small project to do exactly that. Developers on…


Office 365 Launch

Great news today in Office 365. Office 365 is out of beta. Learn more about Office365 at


MIX Keynotes–Behind the Scenes

The MIX team just published a great little document describing the efforts it takes to pull off a great keynote. Certainly worth your time. The hidden city backstage. The craft of demos. The many months of work coming to fruition. Lights, camera, action! It’s showtime. Read “Behind the Scenes of the MIX Keynotes”.


Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals

Following the recent success of a well attended online training, my team has started enhancing the content and publishing it to the Microsoft Virtual Academy. The first course, Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Professionals – The Platform, is now available for online learning. Read more…


Pinned Sites in IE9

Wow. Awesome series of 10 episodes/post on the how and what of pinned sites with IE9: IE Pinned Sites Part 1: What Are Pinned Sites? IE Pinned Sites Part 2: Why Implement Pinned Sites? IE Pinned Sites Part 3: How to implement basic site properties IE Pinned Sites Part 4: How to implement Jump List…


Cloud Computing – Bring Your Own Skills

IT professionals, we know the drill. Every now and then a new technology or a new paradigm comes our way. Cloud being one of them. They all want to alter all our lives for good. Some enforce adoption, other allow for a smooth transition. But often enough these shift are disruptive in nature. Sometime they…


Free Office 365 JumpStart Training

On May 24-26 Microsoft Learning is hosting a free 3-day Jump Start tailored for IT Pros interested in learning more about preparing for and deploying Office 365. This is the first public training for IT Pros on Office 365. Find out more about this great free training opportunity on or register HERE.