The new X++ editor in action

Most of the new features of the new X++ editor are best show live, so I made this video. Enjoy.


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  1. Petr says:

    Broken link

  2. Daniel says:

    Forgot to mention…

    Looks good, I like it. Will be a long time before we move to 6 though.

  3. Alex_KD says:



    Will it also support any kind of suggestion after "="?

    For example,

    InventTable.ItemType =  – I would like to see a list of Enum::EnumMember here.

    This feature already have been implemented in AxAssist Add-on solution, which is perfectly work on previous versions of DAX (3.0, 4.0, 2009).

  4. Alex_KD says:

    Reviewed video again and….

    Have you ever see IDC_ARROW mouse cursor in any text/code editor (except DAX)?

    Notepad, Word, VS …… those all use IDC_BEAM cursor style. And I think it could be concluded that it is a best practice.

    Could you please change mouse cursor in the DAX editor from IDC_ARROW to IDC_BEAM?

    IMHO, it will looks more like editor then.

    PS Even in this small window for posting comments in your blog mouse cursor is IDC_BEAM not IDC_ARROW.



  5. Features like the 'enumeration sugggestion'are definitly on our radar. However, we are mostly focusing on getting parity with the existing editor with some chosen added-value.

    The arrow is a side effect of the screen recorder. The cursor is of the IDC_BEAM type.

  6. DILLIRAJ says:

    Fantastic, This is what i have been longing far from the day one of using the x++ Editor as this features are very much available in small editors.

    Thanks for the development.  Once i started using i can give more apprehensions


    reach me @

  7. I just noticed that the link to the video was still broken, I should be fixed now. Sorry about that.

  8. I fixed the link to the video once more. It should work now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. J Z Shaikh says:


    i am new to Dynamics ax. could any body please tell me how can i download its editor


  10. You'll have to wait for the next version of AX to get this editor :-).

    In AX2009 or previous version, the editor is part of the client applicaiton. You just need to open a developement workspace.

  11. Je_sparre says:

    Vincent – thanks.

    I have to say that the Block editing features are some of the coolest and most useful I have seen in 2012.

    I do a lot of interfaces where working with long lists of variables need to be endlessly typed prefixed etc.

    I use the old Alt-O trick a lot.

    I was very exited about the block editing enhancements in 2012.

    However – it seems that this was backed out again in the prerelease? I cant do any block actions in the editor at all. Is that just me?

  12. The feature is still there. There is a minor bug but you can still use it. Here is how:

    – Mark the block area you want to edit, for example by using the ALT key and the mouse

    – Press SPACE, it won't add a space to the buffer

    – Now you can type and the editor will do a block edition

    I hope it helps.

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