The new X++ editor (part 2)

A couple of improvements to look forward to in the Intellisense UI:

In a completion session, holding the ctrl key will make the drop-down dialog transparent, so you can see the code underneath:

clip_image001   clip_image001[4]

The dorp down list is also filtered and your typing is displayed in the buffer:

FilteredCompletion1   FilteredCompletion2

Ctrl-Mouse wheel will allow you to zoom the code in and out:

clip_image001[2]  clip_image001[4]


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  1. says:



  2. Ranu says:

    Please add refactoring!

    specially extract to method and extract interface.

    Also add more intellisense in the first word, for variables.

    And also if you can Datasources in reports and forms, can accept Maps. 🙂


    Mariano Vicario

  3. I have had several off-line questions about the new editor extensibility and whether it will be customizable.

    Actually the current editor already has an extensibility model where you can write scripts to manipulate the content of the buffer. This model will be improved in the new editor. I’ll blog some examples so stay tuned :-).

  4. says:


    One thing that I am really missing in x++ (since I have my background in .NET) is the possibility to explore class instances in the debugger. In Visual Studio both properties and methods can be previewed/manipulated in the debugger. In Ax, all I see is "new" or "null".

    Do you have any plans for changing this? Perhaps there could be an option to tag parm methods somehow, so that the content could be viewed in the debugger. Or… at least it would be great to be able to view the content of all variables declared in the class declaration.

    That would save all of us tremendous amounts of time.


  5. These features are related to the debugger and not to the editor.

  6. says:


    So does the debugger team have a blog that I could annoy?



  7. You can try to annoy my respected colleagues from the X++ team on this blog:


  8. Alex_KD says:

    >> Also add more intellisense in the first word, for variables.

    Yes, yes. Like it already done in AxAssist Add-on for Axapta 3.0, DAX4.0 and DAX2009.

  9. We already added word completion (‘Intellisense in the first word’). That feature will give you a drop-down on the first keystroke, containing your local variables,  all  possible types, built-in functions, globals and so on. The list gets filtered as you type just like for method lookup.

  10. Günter Zöchbauer says:

    This are nice improvements at most.

    But I find  filtered drop lists

    very annoying and

    it's also not the way VisualStudio handles drop downs.

  11. Actually, does filter on completion scenario. Moreover, X++ does not have the ability to limit the namespacing scope, so completion lists tends to get very large, so filtering is practically necessary.

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