Managed code development in AX2012 (cont.). Proxying kernel classes.

In the video from my previous post, I showed how to create managed proxies for X++ classes with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 Visual Studio toolset. X++ managed proxies allow you to invoke X++ code from managed code Here is a brief recap on how to do that: In Visual Studio, simply create a class…


Managed code development in AX2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 has a lot of new development tools to help you create solutions using managed code. In this video, I demonstrate a few applications of these tools, such as the Application Explorer (the AOT in Visual Studio), the managed proxies and the managed code deployment. Download in High Res (avi – 47 MB)…


Microsoft Dynamics AX Tech Conference 2011

Next week I’ll be at the Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical Conference 2011. This is going to be a great event and you can look forward to many exiting presentations and cool demos. At the breakout session on Wednesday at 7:30PM, you’ll be able to see the new X++ editor I blogged about. I’ll be demo’ing…


Other Dynamics AX blogs

I have added a few links to some my colleagues blogs. Check them out.


The new X++ editor in action

Most of the new features of the new X++ editor are best show live, so I made this video. Enjoy.   This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


The new X++ editor (part 2)

A couple of improvements to look forward to in the Intellisense UI: In a completion session, holding the ctrl key will make the drop-down dialog transparent, so you can see the code underneath:    The dorp down list is also filtered and your typing is displayed in the buffer:    Ctrl-Mouse wheel will allow you…


The new X++ editor

I am currently working on the next version of Dynamics AX – AX6 and as part of the development experience improvement, my team has been working on a new editor for the X++ language. This editor is based on the same framework than the Visual Studio editor. Here is how it looks like:    The…


WPF and Binary Resources

Recently, I had to access binary resources from a WPF control and although it sounds like a straight forward thing to do, I found out that there were a couple of twists to it. From the markup If you need to display an icon on your UI you would write something like that from the…


Debugging business logic in AX 2009 SSRS reports

Background With AX2009 you are now able to do SSRS reports in Visual Studio. The typical process for designing a report consist in creating a query and bind to it, code some business logic (BL) specific to the report and design the visual part. This post will focus on debugging the report business logic. For…