Manually migrating websites from IIS 5.0 to IIS 6.0 (or even IIS 5.0 to IIS 5.0)

Just recently I came across an issue where a customer wanted to migrate websites from IIS 5 to IIS 6. The best and recommended option is to use “Internet Information Services 6.0 Migration Tool”. But there are a few limitations in using the Migration Tool they are listed in “Before You Begin” in the IIS6MigrationToolUserGuide.doc….


401.1 – Unauthorized, using Anonymous access (IUSR account)

Just recently I was working on an issue were the customer was getting 401.1 – Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials. The authentication method used on the website was Anonymous access. I checked the Default Web Site and that is working fine. The authentication method on the Default Web Site is Anonymous access…


*Unknown* status for ISAPI Filter

Hello All, I have seen this issue on IIS 6 a number of times and thought of sharing it with all. How many times have you seen the below screenshot in the ISAPI Filter tab in IIS MMC ? Well I reproduced this issue with UrlScan for everybody’s benefit but this can happen to any…


HTTP COMPRESSION in IIS 6 and IIS 7 using Service Account

I have come across few issues on HTTP Compression in IIS 6 and thought I will quickly post it across for everyone’s benefit. Enterprises prefer to compress their Static and Dynamic web content to save bandwidth. There are articles on how to enable compression and frankly it’s pretty simple. Here is the UI for enabling…


Don’t see enough log in IIS logfiles.

Just recently I came across an issue where the customer said they don’t see IIS logs giving enough information. It’s not logging data as it should. Sounds weird isn’t it, Yes it does but that was true. We did not see any logs getting generated even if we browsed the website locally on the server….