Restrict the website for a particular Crypto Protocol

I have seen this issue several times and thought I would blog about it for everyone’s benefit. Enterprises have their preference of restricting their website to a particular cryptographic protocol/algorithm and hence would like to disable other. Here is a very good knowledge base article Article ID: 245030 for the same but it hasn’t mentioned…


Don’t see enough log in IIS logfiles.

Just recently I came across an issue where the customer said they don’t see IIS logs giving enough information. It’s not logging data as it should. Sounds weird isn’t it, Yes it does but that was true. We did not see any logs getting generated even if we browsed the website locally on the server….


HTTP.SYS and 100-Continue header

Here is an interesting case which I worked on sometime back. This is something related to HTTP.SYS and I believe it is probably a bug. Customer installed SP2 for Windows Server 2003 and since then his application failed. In HTTPErr logfile we see Timer_EntityBody for the failed request and there are lots of Timer_MinBytesPerSecond. Refer…


Out Of Band FTP 7 shows "Operation timed out"

Hello All, Just recently I came across an issue on the new FTP 7 (also known as Out Of Band FTP 7) You can download the FTP 7 from Microsoft FTP Publishing Service for IIS 7.0 (x86) or Microsoft FTP Publishing Service for IIS 7.0 (x64). It is recommended you don’t install both legacy FTP…


Step by Step: Kerberos Single Hop Scenario

Hello All, I have been thinking on writing few Step-by-Step articles for Kerberos Setup and Troubleshooting. There are few basic things we should remember when configuring Kerberos authentication in Windows network. Lets quickly get started with a very simple One Hop Scenario ANJANEYA = Domain ControllerVIVEKKUMIIS = IIS ServerVIVEKKUMCLIENT = XP Client We will configure…


Step by Step: Kerberos in NLB with Shared Content

SCENARIO: IIS SERVER : WIN2K3OWA ( and VIVEKKUMIIS ( NLB CLUSTER : TESTWEBLB ( FILE SERVER : WIN2KIIS-VPC ( DOMAIN : ANJANEYA.local ( All the servers are member of the ANJANEYA.local domain CONFIGURATION: Step 1: Configuring NLB Cluster Network Load Balancing can be installed from the Local Area Connection Properties. Click TCP/IP properties and add…


Where is IISADMIN service?

Just recently, before writing my UI Module to Start, Stop and Restart IIS. I came across an issue where I could not connect VS 2008 to my local IIS server. I was running VS 2008 as an Administrator. From Windows Server 2008 and Vista, inclusive SP1 there is no IISADMIN service for Default Installation. If…


Catch Exceptions on x64

Hello All, Just recently I came across an incident on which a customer saw the following exception in his Application Event Log: Event Type: WarningEvent Source: ASP.NET 2.0.50727.0Event Category: Web EventEvent ID: 1309Description:Event code: 3005Event message: An unhandled exception has occurred.Exception information:Exception type: IndexOutOfRangeExceptionException message: Index was outside the bounds of the array.…… I wondered…


Patience is the key to success..

About Myself My name is Vivek Kumbhar, I have been in IT field for 9 years now and presently am working with Microsoft GTSC Developer Support IIS/ASP.NET team as Support Engineer. My blog is like an open book having each page filled with my experiences, ideas, trials & errors all bundled together. With guidance from…