Where is IISADMIN service?

Just recently, before writing my UI Module to Start, Stop and Restart IIS. I came across an issue where I could not connect VS 2008 to my local IIS server. I was running VS 2008 as an Administrator.

From Windows Server 2008 and Vista, inclusive SP1 there is no IISADMIN service for Default Installation. If you try to connect VS 2008 to create a New Website using HTTP i.e.

New Website

You will see the following error :

Unable to create website

What does this mean?

IISADMIN service is only available if you have IIS 6 Management Compatibility options installed. Also, you won't see Inetinfo.exe process in the taskmgr.

If you do not want to install IIS 6 Management Compatibility options you can access wwwroot or the content folder using File System in VS 2008. Remember, you can still execute your ASP.NET pages even though the error above shows ASP.NET Windows component needs to be installed.

For more information on IIS 7 architecture, you can visit the website Introduction to IIS 7.0 Architecture.

More later as I keep exploring things.

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  1. Today I thought of playing around with IIS MachineKeys. We have seen few issues with IIS Admin Service

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