Visual Studio & Xamarin event: Visual Studio and Visual Studio Online: The App developer’s toolbox

I spent last Thursday afternoon in Kensington Olympia with Mike Taulty, Steve Hall and Dave Hathaway from Xamarin. The event was looking at developing cross-platform apps using Visual Studio, C# and Xamarin and the topics were:

I really enjoyed the event and Mike’s demo of Portable Class Libraries and Universal Projects/Shared Projects was superb, and the Xamarin guys gave a great overview of how to target multiple platforms with minimal duplication.

A couple of people asked if I could record the demo I did, so I have, and here it is:


Basic flow:

  • Create VSO project with Scrum and Git
  • Create VS Hub App
  • Change UI
  • Add code and show debugging async calls
  • Create Coded UI automated test
  • Show performance analysis tools
  • Look at Application Insights streaming data


    I thought I’d go for a “one-take” record, so it’s not completely polished, and I also forgot to include something I showed in the actual demo – Storyboards in PowerPoint. I’ve uploaded the actual Storyboard I used as recompense, and you’ll be able to see why I’m no designer 🙂

    OlympiaApp Storyboard


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