Removing weekends from the burndown chart

I don’t generally like to just repeat content from other sources but this has been such a common question/request that I thought it was worth shouting about.

In the latest Visual Studio Online release (January 22nd) you can now configure your working week to exclude weekends, or define which days you do you want to be included in the burndown:


Go to the admin site, and for each project team, you can then change the working days setting.

The release also includes support for querying tags from work item queries, another often requested feature.

Good stuff!


Comments (3)

  1. Pedro says:

    Any update on when will this be available on the on premises version of TFS 2013?

    Including weekends in the scrum chart is really a "feature" that makes any burndown completely useless… I mean, who has the need to include the weekends anyway…

  2. gdavi says:

    @Pedro I don't know. However, on the 20th Jan Brian Harry referred to the next TFS update being available soon:…/vs-2013-1-update-1-is-available.aspx so assuming that this change is in it, it could be sooner rather than later.

  3. Chris says:

    For anyone still interested this has finally been made possible in the latest upgrade:…/2014-apr-2-vs.aspx

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