Installing Team Explorer Everywhere in Eclipse

This is one of two “side posts” that have come out of putting together What does Team Foundation Server 2013 offer the non-Windows user? This post covers connecting to the Eclipse Marketplace and getting hold of Team Explorer Everywhere (TFS integration for Eclipse) also known as the TFS plug-in for Eclipse.

  • In Eclipse, select Help | Eclipse Marketplace…
  • Enter search terms. I find that anything relevant I can think of doesn’t bring back the TFS plug-in for Eclipse in the first screen. Examples I’ve used include Team Explorer Everywhere, TFS, and Team Foundation Server.
  • I suggest entering “TFS Plugin for Eclipse”, and then enter/click Go:


  • Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the link to Browse for more solutions:


  • This will open a browser window in Eclipse, and you should now see the TFS Plug-in at the top of the list.


  • That’s the hard part 🙂 Now just select install and follow the installation wizard:

tee install 2

tee install 3

tee install 4

  • Once it’s installed, open up the TFS Perspective

tfs perspective

  • Connect to your TFS Server (in my case VisualStudio Online, what was called Team Foundation Service):

tfs connect

And then you can start using TFS within Eclipse for source control, builds, and access to work items and queries:

tee work items 




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Comments (2)

  1. Mor says:


    do u know what is the url for tfs online?

  2. @Mor – its now called Visual Studio Online. Find it here at

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