UK based game studio delivers first game in 9 weeks using Team Foundation Service

I am always in awe of people who decide to go it alone to do something they love doing. So it was awesome to see the great guys at Dlala Studio’s doing exactly this when they decided to quit their jobs and work to create a game studio and deliver their first game under incredibly tight timescales.

As well as having a motivated and talented team it was essential for Dlala to have tools that would support their rapid development cycle that would require them to ship their first game in a 9 week development window. The product of this effort was “Janksy” their space based physics adventure game which was developed in time for the Windows 8 launch and has subsequently shipped for Windows Phone.

In order to achieve their developer tooling goals, Dlala chose to use Team Foundation Service and Visual Studio 2012 to assist them end-to-end in the development cycle. Team Foundation Service provided the studio a zero maintenance cloud-based development platform, providing them collaboration tooling for version control, bug tracking and tooling to support their agile project management.

Read more about their use of the tools and journey in:

If you want to sign up for Team Foundation Service you can do this here.

Looking forward to your next game guys!


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