Online Tech Days – What development content would you like to see?

After the success of the online Tech Days run last year we have decided to ensure this year’s includes a developer day.

We’re really keen to get your views of what you would like to see in the content to ensure that we cover areas that you would all like to hear.

Drop us your thoughts in this poll:


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Comments (2)

  1. Niki Reid says:

    After all these years, we still haven't had the opportunity to learn the test facilities, so this would be great.

    And please, please, include things for your poor Professional users, and make it clear when your talking about facilities in VS what version you need for them. I've been so depressed so many times by some of your online training and even articles in Visual Studio Magazine when I've read something about new facilities, gone off and gotten more info, only to go to Professional version and find that it's not there or is in a totally different place in the menu system if it is there…

    It would be really good if you would publish somewhere a DETAILED comparison of the versions. There is no way my employer is going to pay for Premium/Ultimate/Test versions, so it would be really nice to have a list that I can look at showing in detail what facilities I DO have in my new VS.

    I've downloaded the VS2012 Premium version at home to have a look at, and am quite excited by the Code Analysis – thanks for taking pity on us poor Professional users 🙂

  2. @Niki – Thanks for the suggestion. We are still finalising an agenda for the Tech Days, but I hope some test stuff should be in the agenda.

    For your comparison of versions please see:…/compare which will show you the features and capabilities of each edition.


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