Free One Day F# Workshop


F# is now one of the managed languages that comes with Visual Studio. If you haven’t had the chance to look into F# yet then this free workshop, with a key note from Don Syme (creator of F#) could an excellent introduction. It’s being run by Microsoft Research and the University of Pisa, and the agenda includes:

Strongly Typed Programming for the Information-Rich World Don Syme (Microsoft Research)
Why F# for Finance? Diego Colombo (CitiGroup)
F# for Computer Science Nigel Horspool (University of Victoria)
F# for science and engineering Antonio Cisternino (University of Pisa)
Developing F# applications with Visual Studio 11  
Try F# 3.0 – programming in the browser Christophe Poulain (Microsoft Research)
Parallel programming with F# Chris Marinos (SRT Solutions)
Research Experiments with F# Michael Hansen and Hans Rischel (Technical University of Denmark)
Panel session – Perspectives on F# adoption Kenji Takeda (Chair, Microsoft Research)

This is all taking place on the 28th June in Pisa, Italy, with an optional introduction to F# on the 27th June, also free.

Go here to register and get more information.

If you’re not sure if you should be looking at F#, this is an interesting article on why you might


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