UK Tech.Days Visual Studio 11 Beta & Team Foundation Server 11 Beta Videos

We recorded some sessions a little while ago around Visual Studio 11 Beta and these are now available to watch on Channel 9 in the UK Tech.Days area. I thought it was worth highlighting the Visual Studio 11 and Team Foundation Server 11 related topics as a quick way to take a look at what’s new (note that the UI for Visual Studio will be changing following feedback in the Beta):


Total Development Management with Visual Studio 11 (38 mins)

In this session Richard Erwin introduces the key new features in the Visual Studio 11 Beta IDE, an introduction to the new Agile planning tools, storyboarding support, My Work, Code Review, the new diff tool, feedback requests and IntelliTrace in production.

Agile development with Visual Studio 11 (33 mins)

Giles Davies presents the new Agile planning tools, walking through the product backlog and sprint backlog, taking into account capacity and using the new task board. This session also looks at the new unit testing frameworks support in Visual Studio 11, showing MS Test, nUnit and XUnit tests being run side-by-side within Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 11 – How to build robust Coded UI Tests (36 mins)

Danny Crone, from nFocus, demonstrates how to create automated functional tests using Coded UI Tests, showing how to maintain the UI Map and edit and customise the tests themselves to provide robust, maintainable functional tests.

Take your development to the cloud with Team Foundation Service (38 mins)

Richard Erwin and Giles Davies introduce the new Team Foundation Service – Team Foundation Server in Windows Azure. This session covers the background and history of the service, including an insight into the challenges of migrating TFS to the cloud, and also walks through how to get setup and the functionality that’s provided.

Visual Studio Team Foundation for Everyone (50 mins)

In this session Richard Fennel, from Black Marble, demonstrates how developers that are not using Visual Studio have full access to the capabilities of Team Foundation Server from other environments such as Eclipse or the command line, allowing a common code repository, requirement and bug tracking, automated build and reporting solution to work regardless of the chosen implementation technology and development platform.


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