What Agile or Lean Process Do You Use: Poll Results

I see a lot of different organisations and meet many development teams and the impression I get is that Agile, and Scrum in particular, is the main software development process in use. However, it’s hard to get clear statistics, and a lot of the industry studies are a few years old. On top of that, there’s an increasing interest in some Lean approaches such as Kanban.

I had the opportunity to ask the question “What Agile or Lean process do you use?” in a recent MSDN Flash Newsletter and I thought the results were worth sharing as a snapshot from a UK perspective:


I wouldn’t claim this is scientific or necessarily representative (was it a self-selecting group that is inherently more Agile focussed?) but the interesting aspects I drew from this were:

  • Total using any kind of Agile or Lean process: 59.85%
  • Scrum is by far the single most dominant approach at 34.65%
  • Total that aren’t currently using an Agile process but would like to be: 26.77%
  • 7.87% don’t think Agile is appropriate for their projects

So, from this, the majority either use or would like to use an Agile process (86.62%), the dominant single approach is Scrum (34.65%) with blended approaches (e.g. Scrumban) the next most popular at 8.66%, just ahead of Kanban itself at 5.51%.

I’ll see if I can repeat this on a regular basis in the future to see how this changes over time.


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  1. Brad says:

    I would love to know what % of people say they are using scrum but are really either not at all scrum (my current gig falls into this category) or some form of "ScrumBut" (some things from scrum, but not really still scrum).

  2. K Birdsey says:

    This is good insight, thanks for running the poll.  Do you have time to write a couple of posts on 'Agile Teams?"  It really helps to know what other teams moving from waterfall to lean software development are going through.  We continually bump into trust and communication issues.  Your experiences might help us.  Thanks

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