TFS 2010 and Visual Studio 11 Training Courses in June & July

I’ve just been introduced to Anthony Borton, a TFS MVP, and he’s looking to run some TFS 2010 courses that he has developed and delivered in the United States, Australia and New Zealand in London this June and July.

The details for the TFS 2010 courses can be found here and include a range of role specific courses:

18th June 2012 TFS 2010 for Testers 2 days

20th June 2012 TFS 2010 for Administrators 3 days

10th July 2012 TFS 2010 for Project Managers 2 days

12th July 2012 TFS 2010 for Developers 2 days

Anthony has also got a couple of new courses for Visual Studio 11 but these don’t have public course dates in the UK yet. These would be available for any clients wanting an onsite course. Details here


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  1. joseph delai (Fiji) says:

    do you have any courses in August and September 2012?

    Vinaka / Thank you


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