Getting feedback on your Visual Studio 11 Storyboards

I really love the PowerPoint Storyboarding and the Stakeholder Feedback Client that are part of Visual Studio 11 and using the tools together is a great way of getting feedback on your proposed design.

However, just hitting F5 in PowerPoint to launch your presentation will leave the feedback client on top and obscure part of your storyboard.




To make this experience better In PowerPoint 2010, simply click the Slideshow tab, select “Set Up Slide Show” and choose “Browsed by an individual (window)”




Now you can full screen the presentation and it will not be obscured by the feedback client.




If you want to experiment with these features then you can download the Visual Studio 11 Beta here or a Virtual Machine here and there is a useful walkthrough here: Building the Right Software: Generating Storyboards and Collecting Stakeholder Feedback with Visual Studio 11



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