Troubleshooting Guide for Purchases

When you try to purchase an extension on the Visual Studio Marketplace and hit an issue, you can try out the following steps to troubleshoot.

You can lookup the error message in this table & try the recommended steps to mitigate it.

Error message What to do
The payment provider declined the transaction


Please try again later or contact your credit card’s customer service.


Offer Variant is not available in user's market


The Offer is not sold in the account market

Sorry, unfortunately, the extension you tried to purchase isn’t available in your country yet. Add your feedback to let us know you’d like support added for your country. We are working to add additional countries in the future.
Credit card is the only supported payment instrument for purchases


Offering does not support payment instrument


We could not find a credit card on file for your azure subscription


Is not allowed to purchase this offer


Direct purchase account not found for user id

Your Azure subscription needs a credit card in order to be able to complete this purchase. Please create a new Azure subscription and try your purchase again.
Initial failure was because of a previous order  

You recently purchased, upgraded/downgrade, or cancelled an order and we’re still processing the change. Please try again later.

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