VSTS Gems- Identify flaky tests

VSTS is a great platform, but did you know about its gems? Follow this short post series where we undercover some of its coolest features. Gem Identify flaky tests <click> on image for animation. View flaky tests in the Test hub: Area Test TFS Availability Future Value Increase confidence in automated test process effectiveness Save…


Feature Flags Performance Testing

As described in the article Phase the features of your application with feature flags, a Feature Flag is a way to turn features on or off in a solution. The Visual Studio ALM | DevOps Rangers now use a solution from LaunchDarkly for the VSTS and TFS portals. As part of the rollout of this…


Azure Function – Integration tests automation

In this third post on the Azure Function blog post series, we discuss topic that is often forgotten or set aside – integration testing: “Integration testing (sometimes called integration and testing, abbreviated I&T) is the phase in software testing in which individual software modules are combined and tested as a group” Wikipedia On the first…


Set up a CI/CD pipeline to run automated tests efficiently

Are you planning to implement automated testing in your pipeline? You probably have a few questions, such as: How does automated testing fit into DevOps? What are some different types of pipeline configurations? What key principles should you keep in mind? This post aims to answer these questions and talk about the automation of tests….


Testing a Team Services extension and tracking code coverage

Jasmine is a framework that allows you to write tests in JavaScript for AngularJs or NodeJs applications. In our case, we will use Jasmine to write tests for VSTS extension. Implementing Jasmine on an Extension Project The Jasmine Framework is a Jasmine.js library. To retrieve it, we have two possibilities, either with a package Nuget…


DevOps sticker or (temporary) tattoo?

You’ve probably seen Donovan’s definition of DevOps and the associated sticker by now. While reviewing the where are we in Donovan’s [from 0 to DevOps] world post, I asked Donovan which seven (7) points we should tattoo on our forearms to guide us with DevOps transformations. Here’s the list he gave me, with overviews and…


Getting started with DevTest Labs Custom Artifact Development

As a part of a recent Rangers project, our team of experts set out to develop custom artifacts for use with DevTest Labs.  Some of the great contributions that have been assimilated into the azure-devtest-labs GitHub repo include: Install Google Chrome (Esteban) JDKs for Linux (Darren) Set up Web Deploy server (Martin) Install Sublime Text…


A really COOL feature we noticed on Visual Studio Team Services … boards becomes alive

No more “please refresh the board” requests when you share the Kanban board during a teleconference call. Notice the icon? It enables live updates of the board. Once enabled, everyone in your team, even those located in geographically distributed locations, can observe changes made to the board. Magic! You have to evaluate this feature ……


Ranger December 2015 Flash – Last deliverables before rebooting into the new year

   shipped Continuous Testing – A practical guide with concepts and approaches explores concepts, examples and practical guidance on test automation. Print Cards journal is now included with the source code and the team is busy planning the v2 release. Release Management Workflow Migrator enables you to export a Release Management agent based deployment pipeline so that…


Continuous Testing – A practical guide with concepts and approaches

Looking for concepts, examples and practical guidance on test automation? We have released a first version of the “Continuous Testing – A practical guide with concepts and approaches” guide to complement the Test Planning and Management Guide. CodePlex Home Thoughts from our product owner In this competitive world, everyone wants to react to customer feedback…