VSTS Gems- Skip scheduled builds if nothing has changed in the repo

VSTS is a great platform, but did you know about its gems? Follow this short post series where we undercover some of its coolest features. Gem Skip scheduled builds if nothing has changed in the repo. <click> on image for animation. Area Build TFS Availability Future Value Save Compute resources (agents) Reduce build noise Avoid…


Set up a CI/CD pipeline to run automated tests efficiently

Are you planning to implement automated testing in your pipeline? You probably have a few questions, such as: How does automated testing fit into DevOps? What are some different types of pipeline configurations? What key principles should you keep in mind? This post aims to answer these questions and talk about the automation of tests….


Visualize the health of your builds – latest sneak preview of the Team Project Health extension

Visual cues are essential to monitor our CI/CD pipelines, detect potential issues, and react before the users are affected. Whether you have a few or hundreds of builds, visualizing their health is important to avoid surprises and deliver continuous value. The Team Project Health extension, created by Wouter de Kort, Jakob Ehn, Utkarsh Shigihalli, and…


Contributing to the VSTS Developer Tools Build Tasks extension

About a year ago I helped one of my clients transition from Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 to Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). In some of their XAML builds they heavily relied on the ability to check in generated content during their builds, something that broke due to the fact that tf.exe could no longer…


Manage your open source usage and security in your pipeline

The open source approach has a tremendous value for us as a technological community. The collaborative development model helps the industry evolve rapidly, increase innovation and save time and money. We all use open source components in our applications, front or back end, JavaScript, .NET or Python, whether it is a JSON serialization library or…


Sending Email Notification from VSTS/TFS Build

Visual Studio Team Services provides a number of extensibility options enabling users to enrich their DevOps environment or integrate with other applications and services. In previous versions, extensibility was supported using TFS object model. Today, a number of options are available such as REST API, Service Hooks and Extensions. In terms of build system, custom build activities, pre-build,…


Testing a Team Services extension and tracking code coverage

Jasmine is a framework that allows you to write tests in JavaScript for AngularJs or NodeJs applications. In our case, we will use Jasmine to write tests for VSTS extension. Implementing Jasmine on an Extension Project The Jasmine Framework is a Jasmine.js library. To retrieve it, we have two possibilities, either with a package Nuget…


DevOps sticker or (temporary) tattoo?

You’ve probably seen Donovan’s definition of DevOps and the associated sticker by now. While reviewing the where are we in Donovan’s [from 0 to DevOps] world post, I asked Donovan which seven (7) points we should tattoo on our forearms to guide us with DevOps transformations. Here’s the list he gave me, with overviews and…


See how many build minutes are being used by users, build definitions, and team projects with the Build Usage extension

The Build Usage extension, created by André Dias, allows you show how many build minutes are being used within an account. Make them visible for your team by adding Build Usage tiles to your dashboard! Add a Build Usage Widget to your dashboard! Build Usage Hub Group (Collection Level) See and export to CSV the…


Raspberry Pi2 Codify Build Lighting up the Microsoft Vancouver (aka.ms/mvbuildlight)

Codify/build-light from Codify in Brisbane, enabled us to implement a visual status indicator of all our build(s) running on Team Services, as shown in these snapshots: Watching the device boot, after installing it at the Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre. Ouch, it’s evident by the red background and the RGB Light Strip flashing in red, that…