VS and TFS community widgets (aka.ms/widgets)

Based on popular demand, we have restarted a list of cool, productive and recommended community widgets for Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server recommended by the Visual Studio ALM Rangers. community widgets Categories: Admin, Agile Planning, Azure, Build and Continuous Integration, Coding, Feedback, Migration, Productivity, Source Control, Teams, Testing and Other. CATEGORY WIDGET OWNER COST…


Library of videos and publications (aka.ms/vsarpublications)

A library of supplementary videos, books, publications and papers, created in addition to the guidance and tooling solutions. PUBLICATIONS – Books | Magazines | MSDN | Online | Papers | Posters | LabsVIDEOS – Demos | Microsoft Virtual Academy | Solutions | Talks | Updates Books | Magazines | MSDN| Online | Papers | Posters…


Champion awards (aka.ms/vsarchampions)

List of all champion awards and honorary Visual Studio ALM Rangers. Champions Champion of ChampionsBrightest star amongst the ALM Rangers, that we admire and respect. 2011 – Michael Fourie 2012 – Michael Fourie 2013 – Michael Fourie 2014 – Brian Blackman 2015 – Brian Blackman 2016 – Josh Garverick 2017 – Hosam Kamel   Project…


Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Taavi Kõosaar

Who are you? Who I am is constantly changing and evolving as I gain experience and get older. Currently, I am first and foremost a father to two great kids and a soon-to-be husband to a great soon-to-be wife. Outside of home I am DevOps and Continuous Delivery Consultant working at Solidify AB. And when…


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