Help us refine our extensibility focus and energy from gap filling to enablement

To ensure that we deliver value, we’re continuously adapting our focus and strategy. We’re reviewing our extensibility strategy for the coming few months and need your feedback to be successful. Are delivering value to you? Are we missing important adoption blockers, feature gaps, or ideas?  Please take few minutes to read this post and share…


How to integrate Application Insights monitoring in your Team Services extension

Monitoring your team services extension is an important DevOps practice. In this article we’ll demonstrate how to integrate Application Insights telemetry in your extension by using our new Telemetry Client for Team Services extension. Prerequisite – You need an Azure subscription and an Application Insights resource. Step 1: Required modules Reference two npm modules dependencies…


How to create or upgrade your team services extension in 4 steps

My contribution to the Yeoman generator for the VSTS extension project helped me improve the way we create extensions. Starting from the way we structure the extension files, the JavaScript minification, how we generate and publish the extension package and down to monitoring the extension usage. The goal of this post is to walk you…


Where can I find the Visual Studio ALM Ranger bits? Bookmark one URL!

If you are reading this post you’re already in the right place! We’re often asked by users where they can find our latest artefacts, for example guidance, tools, testimonials, videos, articles, and research findings. Well, it’s evolving on CodePlex, GitHub, Channel9, Marketplace, and many other interesting places. Finding our bits Remember the URL, where…


What we delivered in latest releases of the team services extension generator

We’re pleased to announce another update for the yeoman team-services-extension, delivering new features, code improvements and performance optimization on generated extensions. Here’s a summary of the latest release v1.0.33 Widget Dashboard Integration You can now generate a dashboard widget. The generated sample contains the widget code and a configuration panel, with some input fields Cleanup…


Set up a CI/CD pipeline to run automated tests efficiently

Are you planning to implement automated testing in your pipeline? You probably have a few questions, such as: How does automated testing fit into DevOps? What are some different types of pipeline configurations? What key principles should you keep in mind? This post aims to answer these questions and talk about the automation of tests….


Set up a CI/CD pipeline for your Yeoman generator package

We receive a notification that there’s a pull request to review on our Yeoman generator project. We discuss the proposed changes as a team, eventually merge the new feature(s) into the master branch, and close the pull request. Done … right? Not quite. The merge triggers our automated CI/CD pipeline, which consistently builds and delivers…


How to implement feature flags and A|B testing

Finally, continuous integration, testing, and delivery are part of your organization’s engineering process. You understand the cloud and big data; you’ve begun to introduce monitoring into your workflows. Your environments are built on IaC (Infrastructure as Code), and reliability seems to be significantly improved. Your engineering teams are getting comfortable with containers.” But, you know…


Authoring our guidance in the open … valuable? … will you engage with authors?

In June 2015 we entered the world of open source solutions, when we published the Folder-Management-Extension. Core objectives for the move were to be transparent, share samples, and encourage the community to contribute. Two years later, we created the Guidance staging repository, giving you an early glimpse into upcoming guidance and more importantly, an opportunity…


Effective feature isolation with TFVC – what do you think of the work-in-progress sandbox?

We’re looking for ways to be more transparent with the development of our guidance, give the developer community an opportunity to give early feedback, and deliver value quicker. The guidance sandbox is where we’re planning to collaborate on new DevOps and Branching guidance, before committing to Example For example, we just created this pull…