Announcing the deprecation of a number of guidance and tools

Our mission is to provide practical guidance, experience, and gap-filling solutions to the developer community. These solutions are eventually deprecated for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Gaps are filled as the products and documentation continue to mature (Smile)
  • Value of solutions becomes less than the effort to maintain them (no value)
  • Passion and bandwidth of associated volunteers fades (no energy)
  • We forgot all about the solution (no need)

Recently deprecated solutions

See the source image

We have deprecated the following solutions in our Library of tooling and guidance solutions (

  • ALM Assessment Guidance (use instead).
  • Device Testing Guidance
  • DevOps Workbench
  • Team Foundation Build Guidance
  • TFS 2010 Monitoring Management Pack
  • TFS Process Template Customization Guide
  • Unit Test Generator Tool
  • Visual Studio Architecture Tooling Guide and Extension

Solutions we’re planning to deprecate
See the source image

We’re investigating the state, value, and feasibility of deprecating the following solutions:


See please uninstall our deprecated extensions for deprecated VSTS extensions.

Comments (2)

  1. We are using the Build Usage extension in TFS (I assume your product billing reasoning is related to VSTS?) and it is still very usefull to get an overview.

    1. Jeroen, when we deprecate an extension we only block new installations. Existing users will be unaffected and can continue using the extension. We’ve received a number of feedback from users who do not trust as it’s data does not match the reported Resource Limits. Unfortunately there are scenarios where we’re unable to query all the data, for example, cannot query and include build minutes from deleted builds.

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