Building VSTS Extensions with feature flags

We started talking about features flags (or features toggles) in our Software Development with Feature Toggles MSDN Magazine article. Today, with the increasing deployments of our extensions, and with a view to improving the user experience and our DevOps processes, we embarked on a research project to investigate the feasibility of using LaunchDarkly to eliminate…


Visualize the health of your CI/CD pipelines

The latest Team Project Health v1.2 extension, created by Wouter de Kort, Jakob Ehn, Utkarsh Shigihalli, and Ed Elliott, enables users to visualise the overall health of builds and releases. When you’re running multiple CI/CD pipelines, it’s important to visualize their overall health. This DevLabs extension contains a number of dashboard widgets, that enable users…


Help us refine our extensibility focus and energy from gap filling to enablement

To ensure that we deliver value, we’re continuously adapting our focus and strategy. We’re reviewing our extensibility strategy for the coming few months and need your feedback to be successful. Are delivering value to you? Are we missing important adoption blockers, feature gaps, or ideas?  Please take few minutes to read this post and share…


What is in the latest releases of the VSTS extension generator?

We’re pleased to announce another update for the yeoman generator-team-services-extension, delivering new features, template improvements, and improvements to your CI/CD pipelines. Team Here’s a quick snapshot of the team that implemented the innovations covered herein:  Mikael Krief (lead) … Hosam Kamel    Tiago Pascoal Updates Remember to bookmark, which summaries all of the feature…


Manage your open source usage and security as reported by your CI/CD pipeline

In the article Manage your open source usage and security in your pipeline, we introduced you to WhiteSource and how it can be used to help manage open source libraries within your projects. We cover the core features of WhiteSource, the primary benefits of using it and how to implement it within your CI/CD processes….