Roadmap for the generator-vsts-extension

We have a lot of innovation in store for the generator-team-services-extension and are open to accept your ideas and/or contributions.

Here’s our proposed prioritisation and ambitious roadmap:

image S116 (current 3-week sprint)

  1. Review the template extension architecture
    • Add tfx-cli scripts into package.json
    • Update the template extension architecture
  2. Extend Yo generator extension templates
    • Generate Dashboard Widget
  3. Improvements of the generator 1.0.20
    • Use extensionId (and taskId) instead the name for folder name

image S117 (next 3-week sprint)

  1. Add AI references into Hub and Widget Template

    • Integrate App Insight integration for Hub and Widget

    • Publish the private package TelemetryClient to public npmj

  2. Extend Yo generator extension templates

    • Custom build/release task : Add the choice to use Typescript or PowerShell script

  3. Improvements of the generator 1.0.20

    • Add user configuration parameter : vsts account and token

  4. Improve CI/CD

    • Remove npm warning in CI Build


Here are some ways to connect with us:

  • Add a comment below
  • Ping us on twitter image
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  1. Bit of topic, but I like the two photos in the post.
    If I look correctly, both are from Namibia.

    1: Salt Road, North of Swakopmund. Get’s rebuild yearly with salt as the binder.
    2: The Warthog warning, photo was most probably taken travel south from Okahandja to Windhoek.
    The warthog are the cause of numerous accidents and have even resulted in fatalities. (With the warthog running of seemingly uninjured.)

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