Our February champion is Kevin Mack, for his energy in the SonarQube project

We are pleased to introduce Kevin Mack in our series of posts to recognise the champs of the Ranger community.

He’s been nominated by his peers for his endless energy and enthusiasm for the SonarQube ARM Template project and for taking ownership of the associated team blog posts.


We asked Kevin why he’s so passionate about his project

Throughout my career, I’ve always seen the job of any good software developer, analyst, or architect is to look at a current business processes or problems and say “How can we make it better?” And when we look at the many projects that the Rangers are involved in it’s a great collection of very intelligent people focusing on helping those same developers and analysts to apply those concepts and look in the mirror.  Many of the organizations I’ve worked with tend to identify that they need to make adjustments and changes to improve how they deliver software for business value, but they get lost on the how.

One of the ideas I’ve subscribe to is that you do your best work when you believe in the value and meaning of what you are delivering.  The more you believe that the work you are doing is meaningful, the harder you will work on it, and the better the finished product will be.  And I like to think that taking the time to really focus on helping developers to see that they are a business within a business and deliver more value to their organizations is a very valuable pursuit towards making sure their work is valuable.  But one of the biggest road blocks to that process is technical debt.  It can cripple those same projects later and turn meaningful value driven work into something that drags on becomes difficult for developers to maintain in the long run and minimizes delivery. 

This project helps to remove one more barrier to entry with regard to code analysis, and leveraging tools to make sure that the technical debt of an application remains under control.  This helps teams to “keep their eye on the prize” and focus on driving business value with their development efforts, rather than trying to keep an eye on technical debt themselves, they can let the tool help them identify and manage it as part of their normal sprint cycle rather than pay down debt much too late in the game. 

What’s planned for the future?

Stay tuned, I’m really looking forward to getting involved in more Ranger projects in the Dev Ops space.  I look forward to finding new ways to assist in these projects and provide support where I can to help provide meaningful guidance that can help development teams do and deliver more meaningful work, faster.

Wondering what the project lead had to say about about Kevin?

Kevin has been instrumental in delivering our communication to the Community for the SonarQube ARM Template project.  He has delivered the blog posts that are the first impressions a potential user forms of our project. The clear and concise writing and accessible format of the posts have made it easier for the community to adopt our solution. – Steve St Jean

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