Our December 2016 champ is Mattias Sköld for running circles around our extensions

We are pleased to introduce Mattias Sköld in our series of posts to recognise the champs of the Ranger community.

He’s been nominated by his peers for his commitment to quality, passion, and sheer endless energy in the upcoming Offline Test Execution extension project. When everyone in our community was told to unplug over December, Mattias literally ran circles around the extension project, addressing bugs, final feature tweaks, and doing the usual project restructure. He’s also a pillar in many other extensions, including Sample Data, Test Case Explorer, and Work Item Visualization.


We asked Mattias why he’s so passionate about his extension projects

First, It’s a great experience working together with very skilled people both amongst the rangers and the product groups. And I get to do some real coding in real projects, which is good and fun. Second, its vey rewarding to create solutions the community, my customers and myself uses. It also makes my day then I see extensions I’ve been a part of in “production”, solving real worlds problems.

What’s coming I.t.o. the Offline Test extension?

Immediate goal is to get it out and be responsive on the feedback we get.

Big items on the future backlog is to add support for

  • Importing outcome on test step levels
  • Shared steps
  • Parameters/ test iterations

But those bigger items requires API changes to enable them and we then get dependent on VSTS releases, so it involves different parties and big planning.

What’s planned for the future?

I’m also involved in several rangers projects, and we have great things going for both Work Item Visualization and Test Case Explorer, and some new projects ideas as well. I also have some personal projects going, like Enhanced Export which I’m working on having both a free and a commercial offering on, and some other not yet published extensions.

Wondering what the product owner had to say about about Mattias?

Mattias is an ideal Ranger to have for the product team – he has been involved in all the 3 extensions done in the Test space, starting with Test Case Explorer, Enhanced Export & now Offline Test Execution. I am amazed at his passion for solving customer problems, his ability to dig deep to come up with solutions and his never ending list of feedback/suggestions that he provides to the product team to improve the product. It has been a privilege to work with Mattias and hope this association continues in future as well. Congratulations Mattias.” – Ravi Shanker

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