Offline Test Execution

The Offline Test Execution extension, created by Josh Garverick, Mattias Sköld, and Utkarsh Shigihalli, allows testers to perform Test Steps even if disconnected from Visual Studio Team Services, using an exported Excel Spreadsheet.



Export the entire test plan, or a filtered selection, to an Excel file. Filter the export to the entire test plan, the selected suite with or without children, configuration and/or tester before exporting.


Offline execution

View test cases offline in excel and mark them as passed, failed or blocked.


Import outcome

Import the outcome from excel to your test plan.

What’s next?

This is the first preview, so your feedback will influence the backlog for this extension.

We’re planning TFS on-prem support for TFS 2017 Update 1 (or higher).


We need your feedback! Here are some ways to connect with us:

  • Add a review on the marketplace
  • Add a comment below
  • Send us a tweet @almrangers
Comments (6)

  1. Edward Fry says:

    What a fantastic new feature extension!

  2. Willy,
    That’s great one!
    Btw, all pictures doesn’t appear, I tried that on different browsers

    1. Mohamed, I have uploaded the images again. Are they OK on your side now?

      1. Yes all images appear now, perfect!
        Thanks Willy!

  3. Juliya_324 says:

    Could you please say, would it be possible to import test cases to another Test Plan, project etc. in future release?
    It will be very helpful if you have many projects in different version of Visual studio or when you need to migrate to new space

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