Our November 2016 champ is Hosam Kamel for making an impact on numerous (most) projects

We are pleased to introduce Hosam Kamel in our series of posts to recognise the champs of the Ranger community.

He’s been nominated by his peers for his commitment to quality, endless passion, and for dabbling in so many projects that it’s tough to highlight a specific one. He’s recently been a pillar in our SonarQube focused projects, including AAD OAuth2 provider for SonarQube, Technical Debt Management / SonarQube (aka.ms/vsartdsq) and Easily deploy SonarQube Server in Azure.

Remember this t-shirt he received in 2014?

Enjoy some of the pictures he’s shared with us …


We asked Hosam why he’s so passionate about his projects

For me personally, there is a continuous, genuine and trust towards the ALM Rangers community in general for too many reasons, I’ll just mention couple of them:

  • It’s all about passion and dedication, we are part-time volunteer engineers scattered across the globe but we always deliver and there is no other motive for us except our passion toward the technology and community.
  • It’s all about our community, our mission is to provide professional guidance, practical experience and gap-filling solutions to the developer community.
  • It’s all about collaboration, the unrestricted collaboration, we believe in self-organized teams and we have open and transparent collaboration policy applied for all Rangers, Partners, MVPs and Product Groups.
  • Our priorities family>job>Rangers mantra, we always understand each other priorities and we share a common one, we limit Rangers contributions to maintain the projects quality and personal work-life balance.

For the ALM Rangers project/initiatives which I’m leading/contributing to, I’m very passionate because:

  • Every project is a different challenge and a unique learning experience.
  • It’s not about quantity, it’s always about the quality of deliverables and the focus on what counts and helps our community. We always favor simplicity and low tech over complexity.
  • Sometimes we say no to certain projects, in fact we are encouraged and empowered by our leads to do so if it’s not aligned with our mission and objectives as Rangers.

So, what’s coming?

Stay tuned, we are finalizing some important investigations around couple of interesting projects, they currently under discussion and validation. And since we never stopped enhancing our process internally as a Rangers, we are working on some initiative focused on raising the quality bar for the existing and new projects.

What’s planned for the future?

This is a hard question to answer, did you watched Connect();//2016 this month? If no, then you’ve missed a lot. And if yes, you know that we have lots of new features, products and services coming. My trust in Rangers makes me believe that cool solutions and extensions will be generated by the community for the community.

Wondering what the product owner had to say about?

As a PO, I’ve been blessed working with Hosam on several ALM Rangers projects. He really made my work easy. I’ve been amazed by Hosam’s capacity of jumping on a complex topic, helping, sorting out, and keeping following-up with users. Hosam produced a first cut of the SonarQube Azure Active Directory plug-in in a few days, and refined it quickly to get a V1. Then he reacted to customers feedback and provided guidance for the full installation including advanced security aspects. – Jean-Marc Prieur

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