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Clock EOF S127


Show Area Path Dependencies – v1.2.25

  • Add deprecation notification.

Clock EOF S126


Folder Management - v1.3.96

  • New icon for Connect() marketplace consistency cleanup.


Roll-up Board Widget – v2.0.17

  • Error 500 hotfix for LD when there’s no internet connectivity


Roll-up Board Widget – v2.0.16

  • Add support for LaunchDarkly feature flags


Offline Test Execution – v1.2.61

  • Fixing bad test step numbering after shared steps

Clock EOF S125


Roll-up Board Widget – v2.0.2

  • Fix hidden and renamed boards and reduce the spike of BoardDoesNotExistException exceptions
  • Title color with the real backlog color
  • Stop support for TFS 2015
  • Support 2 bigger widget sizes

Clock EOF S124


Folder Management - v1.3.84

  • Deprecate support for VSTS and TFS 2018.
  • Support limited from TFS 2015 Update 4 to TFS 2017.


Team Project Health – 1.2.62

  • Open sourced solution
  • Contribution by Vladimir Ritz Bossicard - display information about the build definition is no build was found
  • 13499 - No AI telemetry is received from extension
  • 13586 - TFS on-prem support if only available from TFS 2017 Update 3

Clock EOF S123


Countdown Widget – v1.3.73

  • Upgrade extension to latest guidelines. No feature updates
  • 13572 - Link State Latest Update Comment Countdown widget


Branch Visualization – v1.2.9

  • 13573 - Hangs at "Loading branches..." when there's a "&" character in the path names
  • Upgrade extension to latest guidelines


Build Usage – v1.1.18

  • 11943 - Date validation is incorrect
  • 12462 - Scrolling is not working on left pane on the collection level view
  • 12439 - Error with the numbers provided in the Build Usage Extension
  • 11940 - Issue with resizing Agents column on Build Usage Hub\
  • 12913 - When using the extension on some team project the loading doesn't stop\
  • 13438 - MR#1 - Extension maintenance to implement new telemetry client
  • 13439 - MR#2 - Extension maintenance to reduce WhiteSource scan metrics
  • 13441 - MR#4 - Extension cleanup and license update
  • 12463 - Add telemetry
  • New project structure
  • Replaced collection home hub contribution (that didn’t exist any more) by a collection administration hub
  • New UI, using the office react fabric components
  • Added the telemetry client
  • Added WhiteSource analysis
  • Support for TFS 2017+


Clock EOF S122


Countdown Widget – v1.3.72

  • Cumulative source structure maintenance updates.
  • Fix tests by using jasmine runner instead Chutzpa (#16)
  • Upgrade extension to latest guidelines (#15)
  • Maintenance request 4 - Extension cleanup and license update (#14)


Work item details Widget – v1.1.12

  • Extension source structure and branding maintenance. No feature updates.

telemetryclient-vsts-extension – v1.0.2

  • Extension source structure and branding maintenance. No feature updates.

generator-vsts-extension – v1.1.11

  • Extension source structure and branding maintenance. No feature updates.


Work item details Widget – v1.1.11

  • Telemetry and extension source structure maintenance. No feature updates.


Offline Test Execution – v1.2.48

  • 13552 - Publishing test results fails

Clock EOF S121 


Team Project Health – v1.2.47

  • 13488 - Release widget text is overlapping with details


Team Project Health – v1.2.45

  • 13488 - Release widget text is overlapping with details


Offline Test Execution – v1.2.42

  • 13524 - Bad casing on telemetryclient causing cdn errors fixing cdn error


Roll-up Board Widget – v1.1.45

  • Do not display in the widget Removed WI
  • Change the logs system => display in object for more visibility


Offline Test Execution – v1.2.38

  • 13523 - Bruno - cant upload file ...


Test Case Explorer – v2.1.50

  • Clone test plan/suite 
  • 12495 - Case mismatch of published and accessed assets will result in error 404 due to case difference
  • 12629 - Can't change detailed pane position
  • 12630 - Test Case Explorer Left pane icons do not resize properly
  • 12631 - Add test case Failed, Adding a new test case does not associate it to the test case selected when pivoting by test plan
  • 12632 - When removing a test case from test suite, the count on the test suite does not update
  • 12633 - When removing the test case from a test suite, the test case hierarchy refreshes but selects the parent suite
  • 12634 - Test Results are not being showed when viewing test results pane
  • 12635 - Test case is not added when dragging and adding to another test suite
  • 12641 - There is no vertical scroll bar for Test Plan section
  • 12644 - There is no "jump to test suite" button. Form contains "jump to test plan" button and it works. Reject if its ok.
  • 12645 - (IE11 - do not work any drag and drop functions) Clone Test Plan - Nothing happens
  • 12646 - The plan is not deleted (video in att)
  • 12658 - While holding SHIFT key it's possible to add a suite in the same suite, the suite is then a new child of itself
  • 12709 - Adding a new test case to a test plan give an error
  • 12908 - The filter in the test case grid does not show orphaned test cases
  • 12914 - Move test suite works but with poor UI feedback
  • 12916 - Clone test suite doesn't work - nothing happens
  • 12917 - Clone test plan - refresh test plan list not working
  • 12918 - Clone test plan - Clone dialog UX needs improvement and validation
  • 13213 - Infinite spinning wheel when in-focus suite is moved
  • 13214 - Loading message hidden behind menu bar
  • 13215 - Alignment issue for test plans
  • 13216 - Typo in message
  • 13218 - Helpful disabled button tool tip
  • 13219 - Pivot by iteration path not working
  • 13220 - Not able to load data by area path as well
  • 13245 - Explorer does not set Iteration and Area Path for new test plan
  • 13437 - MR#4 - Extension cleanup and license update
  • 13509 - Is there a reason the “new” is disabled for only the test plan pivot?
  • 13511 - Cloned the test plan to another project, but did not seem to create anything other than the test plan, even when selecting to clone the requirements


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.45

  • Fix compiling task #22
  • Fix the typescript version to 2.3.4 for fix issue with the latest SDK
  • Remove the .vs folder and add it to .gitignore #18


Sample Data – v1.3.6

  • 13413 - MR#4 - Extension cleanup and license update
  • 13490 - Sample Data Broken? SAFe data generation fails.
  • 13491 - Unexpected exceptions encountered during data delete process
  • 13492 - Wait on the first call before making additional async calls
  • 13501 - Cannot delete agile sample data
  • 13502 - Cannot end creation process for SAFe team


Team Project Health – v1.2.43

  • 13500 - Invalid colour and state icon shown for release detail widget
  • Add TFS 2017 on-prem support, with IE11.0 constraint.

Clock EOF S120 


Team Project Health – v1.2.36

  • 13485 -Detailed release widget does not show correct state


Team Project Health – v1.2.17

  • Support for release overview and details widgets.
  • 13124 - Renaming a build definition gives a wrong count in the overview widget
  • 13298 - Release failures not shown on overview
  • 13468 - Remove default navigation link in case widget not configured
  • 13467 - Release widget is not consistent with build widget
  • 13458 - Show rejected releases as failed is not selected by default
  • 13445 - MR#4 - Extension cleanup and license update

Clock EOF S119 


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.44

  • Stringent validation of extension id (the extension id must start with an alpha char and then alpha char or hyphens only)

  • Stringent validation of extension name (must start with an alphanumeric char)

  • Inline source of code coverage for better integration with VSTS build


telemetryclient-team-services-extension – v0.0.33

  • Remove third party libraries notice from README. No functional change, only README update.


telemetryclient-team-services-extension – v0.0.32

  • Remove Set-PackageQuality.ps1 and switch to Promote Package in CICD pipeline. No functional change, only README update.


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.41

  • Remove Set-PackageQuality.ps1 and switch to Promote Package in CICD pipeline. No functional change, only README update.


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.39

  • AI integration with telemetry client package for new hub and widget dashboard

  • servicehook : add folder to package.json, add unit test, add tokens into vss-extension.json, delete tfsconfig.json

Clock EOF S118


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.38

  • Add support for service hooks consumer


Roll-up Board Widget – v1.1.42


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.35

  • Fixed bug that caused generator to fail on macOS
  • Added instructions on how to debug the generator using VS code


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.34

  • Add user choice for using PowerShell or TypeScript into Custom build / release Task
  • Rename unitTests

Clock EOF S117


Roll-up Board Widget – v1.1.40

  • Cleanup folder and files structures
  • Re-enabled the AI telemetry for TFS OnPrem And add links github on manifest json file
  • Migrate to new telemetryclient package


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.33

  • Minify and building TypeScript scripts
  • Check TypeScript scripts syntax with tslint
  • Include webpack package and config
  • Delete the gruntfile.js and related packages
  • Update the readme with new and removed package


Offline Test Execution – v1.2.37

  • 12961 - Support for iterations/parameters
  • 12962 - Support for test results on test steps level


Work Item Visualization Extension – v1.4.60

  • 13081 - Export: If the visualization has a lot of nodes and is big, then export doesn't show or allow printing it all
  • 13085 - Highlighting shows too few work item types
  • 13117 - Annotations can’t be edited

Clock EOF S116


Show Area Path Dependencies – 1.2.14

  • Restructured the load mechanism to batch load work items
  • Batched load for the relations
  • Restructure the layout to adhere to MS guide
  • Synchronicity to the loading of work items
  • Delay load functionality for backlog and the backlog relations


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.23

  • Add widget Dashboard template + unit Tests
  • Fix #6: folder name with extension ID
  • rename .npmrc to private.npmrc for fix CI Build


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.21

  • Update the template extension architecture
  • Add tfx-cli scripts into package.json
  • delete .vs folder and add it into .gitignore


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.20

Update the generator name to : team-services-extension (package.json, tests,index.js)

Clock EOF S115


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.15

  • Remove marketplace folder and move content to the root
  • Manifest : scope empty
  • Manifest : leave only getstarted, support and issues links
  • Rename folder 'DevOps Assets' to 'Tools'
  • Rename 'yourPublisher' parameter to publisherId (for have consistency with extensionId parameter)
  • In settings.tfx.json replace token with token
  • Rename to
  • Revise, licence.txt, screeshot,readme, logo and icon
  • Remove devDependencies (tfx_cli and grunt) in Package.json into extension (already installed in global)
  • NOTE: We have another release coming, with updated generator and package names. Use this version for kicking the tyres, but wait for next release before you use for prod. 


Team Project Health – v1.1.16

  • 13016 – Build names without spaces don’t wrap very well
  • 13015 – Partially succeeded builds cause a yellow (not orange) background and white text is hard to see


generator-team-services-extension – v1.0.14

  • Public v1 release


Offline Test Execution – v1.1.4

  • Added support for TFS 2017.1
  • 12963 - No validation for trying to import 0 (zero) test results
  • 12960 - Add support for exporting shared steps


Work Item Visualization Extension – v1.4.50

  • New
    • Share and remove visualizations
    • Filter visualizations
    • Expand/collapse selected nodes
    • Zoom by scrolling or pinching (touch)
    • Box selection with ctrl + mouse
  • 11422 - multiple highlighting rules don’t play together
  • 12920 - Issue with Work Item Visualization, On-Premise TFS15.U3 and TelemetryClient not defined
  • 12968 - Cytoscape navigation preview and dialogs broken
  • 13012 - When Filter = All, visualization does not show all

Clock EOF S114


Team Project Health – v1.1.13

  • Ability to name build overview widgets
  • Ability to select which builds are included in the build overview summary


Show Area Path Dependencies – v1.2.8

  • Added Exclusion List for fields

  • Remove exclusion fields if they have already been added

  • Remove excluded fields from field list

  • Added non-optional relation field to the grid


VSTS Build and Release Tasks for Extensions – v1.1.44

  • Fixes #43: dot file is lost when publishing a vsix while overriding manifest properties
  • Removes: dependency on: npm/archiver
  • Removes: dependency on: npm/adm-zip
  • Adds: dependency on: 7z
  • Adds: dependency on presence of zip/unzip on linux/mac
  • Fixes: task manifests with no version specified would cause task versioning to fail
  • Had to abandon using 7z for all platforms because:
    • 7z is not present on hosted agent by default
    • 7z is not extracted from vsix by the agent when downloading task (Microsoft/vsts-agent#810)
    • 7z npm package requires `npm install --force` to package binaries for multiple platforms at once (Microsoft/vsts-task-lib#210)
    • 7z binaries need chmod 777 in order to be executable. vsix doesn't package such attributes. (Microsoft/vsts-task-lib#210)
    • 7z zipped files zip files are not accepted by marketplace (fail to parse).
  • Because of this, we now have 2 implementations of zip/unzip, one for Windows, using packaged z executable, one for Linux/max, using zip/unzip from path.


VSTS Build and Release Tasks for Extensions – v1.1.41

  • Task now warns when extension or task manifest has a Unicode BOM (this causes funny behavior since json spec says that json files shouldn't have one)
  • Add ability to version minor.patch version of build tasks independently of extension major version
  • Supress security vulnerability in shelljs - this vulnerability is not exposed nor used by the task

Clock EOF S113


Offline Test Execution – v1.0.7

  • Extend AI telemetry to capture exceptions and investigate import issues


Show Area Path Dependencies – v1.2.7

  • Included the active status that is used in the Agile template when searching for backlog items #4

Team Project Health – v1.1.9

  • First preview release


Offline Test Execution – v1.0.3

  • First preview release

Clock EOF S112


VSTS Build and Release Tasks for Extensions – v1.1.24

  • Add screenshots to marketplace page
  • Fix missing AddLocalFolder method issue


VSTS Build and Release Tasks for Extensions – v1.1.17

  • Cosmetic overview content fix - no functional changes


VSTS Build and Release Tasks for Extensions – v1.1.16

  • Fix: Publishing fails when vss-extension.json has a Unicode BOM and “Update task version” is enabled
  • Added: Install, Share and Publish from vsix now supports wildcards
  • Updated: taken dependency on vsts-task-lib 2.0.0-preview for the new wildcard support
  • Removed: direct dependency on mkdirp package, included in vsts-task-lib.
  • Updated: Permission requirements for Install task after marketplace update
  • Removed: version numbers from vss-extension.json, package.json and task.json; these are now managed in the release pipeline.
  • Known issue - Install task is not supported against Team Foundation Server.

Clock EOF S111


Countdown Widget – v1.3.25

  • Add project details section to marketplace entry


Roll-up Board Widget – v1.1.1

  • Add project details section to marketplace entry

Show Area Path Dependencies – v1.2.2

  • Add project details section to marketplace entry


Folder Management  – v1.3.5

  • Add project details section to marketplace entry

Clock EOF S110


VSTS Build and Release Tasks for Extensions – v1.1.12

  • Fixed build script to install specific versions of dependencies to prevent build breaks when dependencies have breaking changes in latest

  • Using snyk to detect security vulnerabilities in dependencies

  • Added support for TFS 2015 when using basic auth

  • Added support for TFS 2017 when using basic auth or personal access tokens

  • Fixed output variable not set when publishing from vsix with overrides

  • Fixed tfx installation folder to be under $(Agent.WorkDirectory)/_tools

  • Improved documentation on required permissions for creating access tokens and marketplace endpoint information

  • Updated VSTS task sdk  and other dependencies to latest version

  • Fixed installing extensions to an account that already has an extension installed fails with TF1590010 Conflict

  • Fixed locating tfx

  • Added repository Metadata and build badges and tags to the extension page

  • Updated support contact information

  • Added support for Paid/Free extensions

  • Fixed Extension tag is ignored when publishing from vsix and overriding tag

  • Updated version number field to extract the #.#.#(.#)? from a version number value.

  • Updated to ecmascript 6 and typescript 2


    • Publish from vsix doesn't support wildcards (will be fixed after VSTS task library 2.0 is released)

    • Install extension doesn't work against tfs (requires changes in tfx-cli)


Branch Visualization – v1.2.1

  • 12733 - The branch visualizer does not work on TFS on-prem
    KNOWN ISSUE – Progress icon (big-progress.gif) is not visible on TFS2015 U2. See minimum supported environments for recommended environments.

Clock EOF S109


Countdown Widget - v1.2.45

  • 12642 - Does not work out the remaining number of days in a sprint correctly (across time zones)

Show Area Path Dependencies – v1.1.17

  • Start-up view only shows items with a dependency with ability to toggle to “everything” view
  • Ability for user to configure columns
  • Collapse | expand all parent nodes

Work item details Widget – v1.0.34

  • TFS on-prem support


Countdown Widget - v1.2.43

  • 12675 - Sprint countdown widget displays incorrect value when skipping non-working days

Clock EOF S108


Roll-up Board Widget - v1.0.29

  • 12360 - Roll-Up Board Widget: The board is not equivalent to backlog (fix for cloud only)


Countdown Widget - v1.2.33

  • 12465 - The end date is silently lost

Clock EOF S107


Print Cards – v2.1.15


Countdown Widget - v1.2.26

  • 12496 - Case mismatch of published and accessed assets will result in error 404 due to case difference

Work Item Visualization Extension - v1.3.7

  • Cosmetic update of the marketplace overview page.


Test Case Explorer – v1.3.113

  • 12496 - Case mismatch of published and accessed assets will result in error 404 due to case difference

Clock EOF S106


Build Usage – v1.0.9

  • 12490 - Case mismatch of published and accessed assets will result in error 404 due to case difference


Sample Data – v1.1.0.59

  • 12493 - Case mismatch of published and accessed assets will result in error 404 due to case difference
  • 12499 - Showing config in the add Widget workflow is blocking our user experience
  • 12500 - Bringing back the config option again 

Show Area Path Dependencies – v1.1.15

  • 12452 - Fixed the error occurring when loading more than 100 work items
  • 12494 - Fixed reference case for future VSTS changes
  • See VSTS Extension Work Item Limits  for details

Work item details Widget – v1.0.28

  • Move solution to public repo to serve as a sample and allow community to contribute


Roll-up Board Widget - v1.0.21

  • Move solution to public repo to serve as a sample and allow community to contribute


Work Item Visualization Extension - v1.3.5, v1.3.6

  • New features
    • Add annotations to items on visualization
    • Save visualizations on project level to share
    • Find on visualization
  • 12433 - Find item allows entering id only the first time
  • 12419 - Find work item actually opens new work item in visualization, but should search it on visualization
  • 12437 - CMMI work item types do have matching colors on cards
  • 12449 - Update overview that better illustrates multi-relation/link type and level visualization
  • 12453 - Pin To for annotation doesn’t show all items and partially undefined
  • 12435 - Common naming convention for AI custom events
  • 12455 - Toolbar buttons are enabled before the visualization is loaded
  • 12086 - Highlight styling overwrites previous when new rule is added and removed all from affected when one is removed


Roll-up Board Widget - v1.0.18

  • 12467 - Features roll-up results in grey rectangle and syntax exception when column name contains an apostrophe.

Clock EOF S105


Sample Data – v1.1.0.53

  • Move solution to public repo to serve as a sample and allow community to contribute


Build Usage – v1.0.5

  • Support the new navigation system and the combined  Build & Release hub


Countdown Widget – v1.2.24

  • Move solution to public repo to serve as a sample and allow community to contribute


File Owner - v1.1.13

  • Move solution to public repo to serve as a sample and allow community to contribute


Roll-up Board Widget - v1.0.15

  • 12422 - Seeing a blank widget when I select backlog and feature
  • 12427 - The board does not render properly if there are both swim lanes and 5 or more columns

Show Area Path Dependencies – v1.1.12

  • Move solution to public repo to serve as a sample and allow community to contribute


Print Cards – v2.2.12

  • Implement Application Insights telemetry
  • Indicate that extension is deprecated. No further enhancements are planned


Countdown Widget - v1.2.22

  • 12367 - Sprint end countdown widget takes the days Monday to Saturday
  • 12440 - Empty drop-down forms
  • Add feedback section to the marketplace description

Clock EOF S104


Roll-up Board Widget - v1.0.13

  • 12318 - Roll-up widget query is ignoring the "Teams" board setting
  • 12362 - Swimlanes are not showing up
  • 12363 - Clicking on widget takes me to the wrong team
  • Add feedback section to the marketplace description

Show Area Path Dependencies - v1.1.9

  • Updated Application Insights logic and feedback details
  • Usability enhancements (clicking on the link will open the work item)
  • Add feedback section to the marketplace description


Folder Management - v1.2.19

  • Add feedback section to the marketplace description

Work Item Visualization Extension - v1.2.20

  • 12096 - Exporting fails on-prem due to sandboxing
  • 12413 - Changeset File expanding fails with invalid api query error
  • 12414 - Failed to open file from commit (invalid url)
  • 12418 - Visualization does not load from Board
  • 12420 - Extensions will use CDN in the future and paths to items will be case sensitive
  • Add feedback section to the marketplace description
  • Implement Application Insights telemetry

Clock EOF S103


Work Item Visualization Extension - v1.2.2

  • 12100 - Commit file opens wrong location
  • 12300 - Sometimes a work item will be filled with solid grey
  • 12317 - Right clicking on the cards in your extension we are getting an empty pages
  • 12348 - If title or description or content on the card contains the characters &, grey boxes are shown
  • 12364 - Use Navigation Service to open URLs (otherwise broken on-prem)


Migrate assets from RM server to Visual Studio Team Services - v1.0

  • 23 - Add support for RM 2015 Update 3

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