Roll-up your backlog board and display an aggregated view on your dashboards

We are pleased to announce the Roll-up Board Widget, created by Mikael Krief, allows you to display aggregated views of your backlog boards on your dashboards.


Getting started

  • Install the Roll-up Board extension.
  • Edit overview_edit your dashboard.
  • Select the **Roll-up Board Widget** (1) and click Add (2).
  • Enter a Title (1), select a suitable Size (2), and select a Backlog (3). Click Save (4).
  • Add and arrange one or more of the widgets on your dashboard.
  • Click on the widget to take you to the associated board.

KNOWN ISSUE - There is an oddity that occurs when a work item appears on several boards and has overlapping area path ownerships between two or more teams. This is a current limitation and we are investigating. //2016.11.17 Fixed in version v1.0.29.

We look forward to hearing from you

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Comments (6)

  1. John Penman says:

    When is this going to be available for download for on-premise?

    1. John, as below we are testing the on-prem version and will release ASAP.

  2. will there be a version for on-premise TFS 2015 ?

    1. Daniel, the short answer is yes. We are busy testing a few bug resolutions and on-prem support.

  3. Prabhakar P says:

    Is there a way wherein I can apply area path filter to the roll up board? This would allow me to have roll up boards by different nested area paths at the root area path dashboard.

    1. mikaelkrief says:

      It’s a great idea and it’s on our backlog.

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