Sample Data gets you started with Agile and SAFe on Visual Studio Team Services

The Sample Data Widget, released in March, allowed you to generate sample work item data to quickly get started, or prepare a demo environment. We are pleased to announced that the latest update on the marketplace adds the ability to generate sample data for the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®). The sample data is based on the Implement Scaled Agile Framework® to support epics, release trains, and multiple backlogs article.

Getting started

  1. Create a team project in your non-production Visual Studio Team Services account.
  2. Install the extension in your account.
  3. Edit image your dashboard and install the widget.
  4. Select SAFe with VSTS to generate the sample data.

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  5. Refer to the sample data as you peruse the Implement Scaled Agile Framework® to support epics, release trains, and multiple backlogs article.

What’s generated?


The widget generates 9 additional teams to your default team that gets created when you create a new project. The teams are empty but you get the idea.



The widget generates several iterations to help you get started and how you would use them.



The widget generates several areas and the appropriate hierarchy.


Work Items

Lastly, the sample data widget automatically creates a backlog of work. Whether you use the Agile, CMMI, or Scrum process, work items will be created for you so you can understand how Visual Studio Team Services work.


Deleting sample data

Once you are done exploring, you can head back over to the dashboard, and delete the sample data so you can get started creating your own. The widget will remove any unmodified data that was created.

What’s next?

  • We are looking at other types of sample data. What would you like us to add?
  • We are bringing back the ability for you to create your custom sample data soon.

We look forward to hearing from you

We need your feedback. Here are some ways to connect with us:

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  1. Carl says:


    Does this extension work with on-premises TFS 2015.2.1?


    1. Carl, yes as per response to Daniel_Steiner we are testing an on-prem version.

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