Two COOL features we noticed on Visual Studio Team Services … welcome Testers!

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Revision 2016.04.12 – Updated to show new UX that emerged with latest deployment.

This time we picked two features, which welcome the TEST persona with open arms. It is driving the “union” of people, as defined in “What is DevOps”.


So, if you are a tester and felt isolated during team discussions around the Kanban board, you should read on.

Test emerge on board

Let’s continue where we left off after our previous features post.

As shown, you can now add Tests to your cards on the backlog items board.


You can now join the planning discussions at the board and add your tests, which are automatically linked to the parent Product Backlog Item. Love the integration!

Once the tests are added to the card, they are visualised the same way as tasks. Love the visual consistency!


Hovering over the Test summary shows how many of the tests have passed.


Tests can be updated or run from the board

When you turn your attention to Tests listed on a card, you can set the state of the test to Pass, Fail, Block, or not applicable. Love the simplicity!

But, there is more! You can even select Run test from the card.


For more details on your options after clicking Run, see Visual Studio Team Services – Testing Tools Roadmap and enjoy the Exploratory Testing extension for Visual Studio – Adam Cogan’s interview with Ravi Shanker.

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