Print cards v2 extension

The Print Cards extension, created by Gordon Beeming and Robert MacLean, allows you to print cards from your Kanban board to use on a physical scrum board. With the addition of QR codes in v2, you can now easily see more details on your device just by scanning the card.

Check out the how-to scan codes and text page to get familiar with QR codes.


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Comments (3)
  1. JamesBills says:

    Is there a way to use the source to add this functionality to on-premise TFS 2015?

  2. Ralf Stengele says:

    this looks very interesting. Unfortunally we are not unsing VS Team Services, are you planning to port this to TFS?

    Kind regards

    Ralf Stengele

  3. I like this extension. Unfortunately it only seems to print User Stories.
    Any chance we can print the *tasks* in a specific sprint in the next version? It would be really helpful…

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