Show area path dependencies extension

The Show Area Path Dependencies extension, created by Niel Zeeman with help from Steve St Jean, displays area path dependencies a team has with other teams.

Agile teams don’t rely on traditional project management techniques to track dependencies. They are looking for a lightweight way to manage their dependencies on other teams. This extension does exactly that.


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Comments (8)
  1. mikaelkrief says:

    Very useful, thanks

  2. Scott says:

    How do I add successor and predecessor relationships to work items and not have to use Microsoft Project?

  3. Very interesting!

    I am just wondering, will there be sample code available somewhere that shows how this is actually done?

    1. Jeroen, we have not immediate plans to go OSS. If you contact us on we can put you in touch with the team that owns the extension if you have specific questions.

  4. @Scott, you can use the web application, team explorer or Excel to add predecessor, successor and other link relationship between work items. See…/link-work-items-support-traceability. Does this help?

  5. Scott says:

    @Willy that helps but in our TFS 2015 on-prem instance we are seeing that if we try to set successor and predecessor relationships when work item have Finish Date and Start Dates already published by our Project Manager, then we can't set successor and predecessor relationships unless we use Microsoft Project….and well we as developers don't have Microsoft Project licenses. Is there someway to have a PM set Start Dates and Finish Dates in Microsoft Project and still have users be able to change successor and predecessor relationships in the web application, team explorer or Excel?

  6. Newby says:

    Hello, we are using VSTS 2015 and have installed the above extension successfully, however when we use the utility we get the message
    It appears that you backlog is empty! We definitely have items in the Back log with successor and predecessor relationships. But are faced with a blank screen , has anybody else experienced this, what are we doing wrong?

    1. niel zeeman says:

      @Newby, can you tell me what process template you are using and whether or not you have specific area paths that map to your backlog ?

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