What do you think of the new crisp and practical guidance?

We have made significant progress with our plans to innovate and modernise our guidance solutions.

Question 1: What do you think of the new solutions, style, tone and discoverability?

We are also looking for ways to simplify and reduce the number of images, illustrations and visualizations we use in the “crisper” guidance.

The current TFVC feature branching illustration:

The proposed new TFVC feature branching illustration:

An optional animation, whereby we are thinking of not looping continuously.

Question 2: What do you think of the new branching scenario diagram style and automation?

We need your feedback!

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Comments (4)

  1. WouterdeKort says:

    Question 1

    I really like the new discoverability. Both for the articles that are now a part of visualstudio.com and for our open source solutions. I hope we can do more and more in open source.

    Question 2

    I've seen some discussions among the Ranger of the new animated Gif style. Personally, I like the animations and the simplified drawing style.

  2. FredA says:

    I really don't like the wavy lines, they imply that the branching and merging activities happen over a period of time and are not discrete point-in-time events. I also really don't like the GIF animations. Maybe if the colors of the activities inside the lines/overlays were gifs.

  3. OzBobWa says:

    Q1 this is my first look and I appreciate the increase discover ability of your posts and code. Open Source is a winner.

    Q2 I don't mind either way wavy lines or blocks. My suggestion is a continuous looping graphic onmouseover, but only the colours of the 'dots' changes as time progresses, you see the whole graphic from the start. Also the fact you don't have crossing over lines like in the first image is an improvement.

  4. thekingofspain says:

    Please add support for genating these images on demand in TFS on premise and TFS online

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