What do you think of changes to our tooling and guidance solutions page?

We are looking for ways to improve the tooling and guidance solutions page (aka.ms/vsarsolutions) and to gather objective metrics and feedback.

Proposed changes:

  1. NEW indicates the latest additions to the page.
  2. Add a crisp 1-3min DEMO video for each (non-retired) solution.
  3. Allow user to complete a quick (<1min) REVIEW for each solution.


What do you think of these changes? How can we improve this and other pages (i.e. aka.ms/widgets) for you?

Comments (1)
  1. ZephanS says:

    I Just ran into the Library page for the first time today. I LOVE the existing sections for Guidance, Extensions, Community, Retired Solutions, etc.  Quickly sets expectation for content scope.

    I really like the "New" flag for discoverability and crisp demo links for quick investigations. I haven't tried Review yet.  I ran into Word Import in Retired that might be useful if I can't get the team up to TFS2015 soon and we continue to need specifically formatted Word documents for validation artifacts.

    Thanks for making guidance and tooling better than ever!

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