Visual Studio Team Services Extensions from the Rangers

With the Extensions feature going live this week as per the announcement during Connect, the VS ALM Rangers have been busy creating extensions. We have a total of 11 extensions that made it into the Visual Studio Team Services Marketplace when it launched, of which 4 are published under Microsoft DevLabs and the rest as community extensions. Here’s a little bit about them…

A list of DevLabs extensions:

Folder Management
Create new folders from the code explorer within the Team Web Access.
Team: Wouter de Kort & Abel Wang
Print Cards
Print cards from your backlog for use on a physical scrum board.
Team: Gordon Beeming (@GordonBeeming) & Robert MacLean (@rmaclean)
Test Case Explorer
An extension to explore test cases.
Team: Mattias Sköld & Mathias Olausson (@molausson + blog)
Work Item Visualization
Visualize relationships between work items from within the work item form.
Team: Taavi Koosaar (@melborp + blog + GitHub + email:

A list of Community extensions:

Scrum Report
Scrum report for your daily scrums.
Team: Mikael Krief & Vlatko Ivanovski
Enhanced Export
Export work item queries and test plans to word direct from the web, without client installs and moving templates files between computers.
Team: Mattias Sköld
Requirements Integrator
A requirements management and integration tool for Visual Studio Team Services.
Team: Josh Garverick
State Model Visualization
Add the ability to view the state model for a selected work item type.
Team: Taavi Koosaar (@melborp + blog + GitHub + email)
Team Rooms Summary
Shows a summary of the activity in all the team rooms that you are a part of.
Team: Niel Zeeman (@teamfoundation + LinkedIn)
Toggl Button
VSO and integration.
Team: Gerson Dias

Welcome Email
Send a welcome email to an individual or the entire team.
Team: Niel Zeeman (@teamfoundation + LinkedIn)

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Comments (3)
  1. Microsoft DevLabs is an outlet for experiments from Microsoft, experiments that represent some of the latest ideas around developer tools. Solutions in this category are designed for broad usage, and you are encouraged to use and provide feedback on them; however, these extensions are not supported nor are any commitments made as to their longevity.

  2. prithiv says:

    scrum report tool is awesome

    but it only shows items that are new whose state changed on a given day

  3. latek says:

    @prithiv, during the first "request" of this extension (after installing), new Query is created under Shared Queries folder named "Scrum Report". By default this query gets all working items that were changed in the last day and which status is in (In Progress,Done,New,Open). Furthermore report is grouping results by member and work item type. If you want, you can freely change query definition to show weekly changes, to filter only specific work item type or specific members etc. Whatever you define it will at the end group them by Member and WI type and show the results in appropriate view.

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