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Universidad Rafael Landívar
Technology and Education

Universidad Rafael Landívar is one of the best universities in Guatemala, as university it has a well-established curriculum that constantly works with the industry to provide the professionals that the market needs.

Close the gap between theory and practice with real world experience in the software engineering class that included cloud development, SQA, Infrastructure and operations.

Accelerated transfer from theory to practice using real world scenarios and tools that solidified the knowledge on the students.

Software and Services
- Visual Studio 2013
- Team Foundation Server 2013
- Azure
- System Center 2012
- Windows Server 2012
- SQL Server 2012
- DreamSpark
- Visual Studio Online
- Lync Server 213
- Exchange Server 2013

Ranger Solutions
- TFS Requirements Engineering
- TFS Version Control Guide
- Test Tooling Guide
- Architecture Guide
- Build Customization Guide
- DevOps Guidance
- Quick Reference Guides

ALM Rangers guidance and tooling accelerated the gap between the theory to the real world experience increasing the knowledge needs of the students to be competitive in the market place.


“We constantly are looking for the best of the breed educators to produce professionals that meet the demand for a hunger technological Guatemala country. When Oscar Garcia Colon, VS Ranger, approached me in the use of DreamSpark to keep our students current, we needed to have an accelerated mechanism to transfer the theory given to the students to practical terms for QA, Software Development, Infrastructure and operations. The tools and the theory were there but the time it took to close the gap was not what was needed, through the Oscar’s guidance using the Rangers solutions, we were able to reduce the gap and have great acceptance for the students that ended in employment for them that showed the quality of professionals our faculty and university is producing.” - Jorge Guillen, Director, Facultad de Ingeniería de sistemas.


As an educator you constantly look for ways to accelerate knowledge transfer to the students especially in the senior year of the career. The program is extensive and intensive, 3 full semesters are needed for Analysis and Design, SQA, Cloud Computing and IT Ops. It takes and enormous amount of time and effort transfer the theory to the students with practical hands-on training in which the students can experience the knowledge received and have real world experience. In addition, the traditionally same project to different groups needed to have leap in effectiveness.


Using Microsoft full ecosystem, the tools provided by DreamSpark and cloud systems like VSO and Azure, we were able to create from 0 to 100 the full stack of solutions that Microsoft provide with the objective that the students could implement and live a real experience of a world-class IT Operations that included software development, Quality, Operations and continuous deployment, in a nutshell: DevOps. We gave only one project: implement the “Circle of Love”, Develop, Build, Test and Deploy. Through agile practices, the students effectively self-organize in groups of infrastructure, mobile, cloud, QA and development using VSO to manage the project, on premise installations for system center and azure among others to help them in the automation required by the project. Also they needed to deliver operations using ITIL which was accomplished by implementing MOF (MSFT Operations Framework on top of system center.


The ALM Ranger solutions was the key in all aspects of the program, the project forced the students to quickly implement the operations and the Rangers solutions helped them achieve this. Not only the installation of the whole ecosystem of MSFT solutions but, most important, they were able to “connect the dots” on how a real world IT operations works, why applications like VSO, Azure and System Center were interconnected to provide implementations like DevOps, cloud computing, test automation and ITIL among many other things.

More than 90% of the students were able to find jobs related to what they learned and the ones that were working already were promoted to managers, IT leads or senior positions truly making the change of a development country like Guatemala in terms of the quality of professionals produced.


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