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Universidad Rafael Landívar
Technology and Education

Universidad Rafael Landívar is one of the best universities in Guatemala, as university it has a well-established curriculum that constantly works with the industry to provide the professionals that the market needs.

Close the gap between theory and practice with real world experience in the software engineering class in the software quality assurance area.

Accelerated transfer from theory to practice using real world scenarios and tools that solidified the knowledge on the students.

Software and Services
- Visual Studio 2013
- Team Foundation Server 2013
- Azure
- System Center 2012
- Windows Server 2012
- SQL Server 2012
- DreamSpark

Ranger Solutions
- TFS Requirements Engineering
- TFS Version Control Guide
- Test Tooling Guide

ALM Rangers guidance and tooling accelerated the gap between the theory to the real world experience accelerating the knowledge needs of the students to be competitive in the market place.


As quality manager there is a tremendous pressure to finishing the testing almost at the same time development finish their tasks. To deliver faster the bug free code into production environment or return any bugs to development, we need testers that are ready for real world challenges that understand automation. We have found a great pool of resources coming from Universidad Rafael Landivar that have been demonstrated to be skilful in the overall understanding of testing and the importance of automation but also with the necessary hands-on experience in the use of Microsoft testing tools that accelerate the learning curve about the business and started from day one automating all testing.” - Alma Aquino de Caballeros, QA Manager at Xerox, Guatemala.


As an educator you constantly look for ways to accelerate knowledge transfer to the students. For software engineering the quality assurance and testing is key to deliver world-class solutions that are stable and bug free. In order to do this you teach the students about different testing techniques and one of them is regression testing. Traditionally regression testing was done by running the battery of tests again when changes were introduced into the system to ensure everything works as it used to be prior to the change however, doing this testing was time consuming and although automation was not a question it was difficult within the time frame allocated for the class to teach the theory and hands-on-lab experience for the real world.


Using Microsoft software and services like VSO and Azure, and the effective use of the Visual Studio ALM Rangers solutions, we were able to quickly close the gap from theory to practice, the students implement/install testing agents and controllers on virtual machines in azure and experiment real world scenarios in which the constant change in features in their systems rather than been tested slowly they could configure the system and run automated testing for regression thus proved the value that the automation provide by promoting code into production with the security testing was successfully executed.


The ALM Ranger guidance was instrumental in all aspects of the delivery. We were able to show the theory necessary to introduce the students to the use of software quality assurance and its best practices. Using the Rangers solution we provided hands-on experience on how to use the theory in real world using VSO and Microsoft Test Manager, where they could work on requirements, write their test plans and test the applications. But it wasn’t only that. They were able to install the whole Microsoft ecosystem in the school lab server, using Azure and Virtual Machine Manager to manage the Lab Environment and run automated testing on servers that were virtual in the cloud.

The students were so successful and became so skilful in the use of automation that they found jobs very quickly using the skills learned and went directly into production automating all testing in their jobs.

80% of the students coming out of the class found jobs directed related with the use of the tools and the application of the knowledge acquired.


Oscar Garcia Colon, MVP Summit 2014

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