¿Habla Español? … Git para usuarios de TFVC

Juan has translated the latest Git para usuarios de TFVC guide for the Spanish speaking community, adding to his Version Control Guides v3 and Better Unit Testing with Microsoft Fakes translations.

v3.2 Version Control Guidance

image  image  image

Who is Juan?

In his own words: “Juan María is a hungry developer minion. He learned the quickest way of writing software is write it well, so since then he do his best on his every day job as a member of Wave Engine Team (http://www.waveengine.net). He is an active community member in Spain and you can find him in almost all events in Seville, and eventually in other events in Spain, discussing about Agile, Testing, ALM, TDD, and so on. He use to share his thoughts and learns at http://speakingin.net

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