More formats for “Managing agile open-source software projects with Microsoft Visual Studio Online” eBook

You can now get all the formats (PDF, Mobi and ePub), and companion files for our free eBook as mentioned by Gordon Beeming on RadioTFS from the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

With this ebook, we share our best practices in managing solution requirements and shipping solutions in an agile environment, an environment where transparency, simplicity, and trust prevail.

The ebook is for Agile development teams and their Scrum Masters who want to explore and learn from our “dogfooding” experiences and our continuous adaptation of software requirements management.

As dogfooding, alignment and adaption is continuous, this is probably not the last revision.

Find more free titles on  the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Comments (5)

  1. willys says:

    @Jesse, you may want to share your compression findings for the mobi format 🙂

  2. dir says:

    Hi, thanks for the books, but please checks the links. At least the PDF link is wrong. It links to the book "Microsoft Systems Center – Operations Field Manager Experience". I haven't checked the Mobi and ePub links.

  3. Jesse Houwing says:

    The ebook formats are quite big,  30MB in size, but that's mostly due to the fact that the compression settings on them is not too high. If your ereader has enough umpfh, you can round-trip them through calibre to remove some 20MB of that, making them small enough to be sent through your send-to-kindle email address. Plus you can add a lot more efficient the free Microsoft press library books to your ereader 😉

  4. willys says:

    @Dir, thanks for the heads up on the links. We have double checked all the links and updated the companion file URL to point directly at the zip file.

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