Extracting effective permissions from TFS – sample update v1.2

The team is happy to announced an update of the Extracting effective permissions from TFS whitepaper and sample.

where are the bits?



what has changed?


  • No changes.

Sample Code

  • Fixed bugs
    • Root area permissions are missing.
    • Root iteration permissions are missing.
  • Refactoring
    • Replaced the hardcoded SecurityNamespaces Id with dynamically retrieved available SecurityNamespaces in ISecurityService Object using GetSecurityNamespaces() method.
      Sample 1
    • Replaced the hardcode security actions with dynamically retrieved actions from SecurityNamepace using  SecurityNamespaceDescription.Actions property.
      Sample 2
    • Created a generic method (AccessControlEntryToPermission) to handle the conversion of AccessControlEntry to Permission object and check the permission dynamically against ActionDefinition.Bit and removed duplicate handling per each SecurityNamespace.
      Sample 3
    • Moved couple of methods to the Helpers class.
  • Permission report sample
    Sample 4

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Comments (3)

  1. Brian Swiger says:

    Can we make the solution compatible with VS 2015?

  2. @Brian, we are not planning any updates. But, the sample code is available on github.com/…/Extracting-effective-permissions-from-TFS and we are accepting pull requests if anyone in the community has an update.

  3. Hi,

    Can you please specify how o add multiple users in the command line. I am facing error.

    –users “Username1″,”username2”
    –users “Username1,username2”
    –users “Username1″”username2”

    Awaiting your reply

    Thanks in Advance

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