How to raise an idea on UserVoice

What is UserVoice?

So first things first, what exactly is UserVoice? UserVoice is an online tool that allows users to channel their ideas and suggestions for Microsoft’s products. Once an idea is raised in UserVoice, others can see the idea and are able to vote on it. The online tool automatically sorts by the most popular ideas first. It is a simple yet effective way to gather and sort ideas.

How do I raise an idea?

So the process is quite simple and quick…

  1. Have a great suggestion/idea first!
  2. Go to and sign up/in with an email, Facebook, or Google account.
  3. Once you are registered, click in the editable text box labeled ‘I suggest you…’, and type your idea.
  4. Remember to select what area you are posting to from the dropdown menu i.e. ‘Rangers Project’.
  5. And that’s it! Don’t forget to check out the other ideas and if you love them, vote for them!


So what happens now?

Once an idea gets many votes (in the Rangers case it is around 26 votes), they will be picked up, marked as ‘Under review’  and add it to the backlog. Once on the backlog, the idea will be picked up once there is bandwidth, and investigations will begin. An idea under review can either be a project that kicks off or be considered in the future. There are also possibilities/opportunities where other feature teams will engage with the Rangers.

I’m sure I have seen similar blog posts in the past?

Yes, you have. There have been many, but we are hoping that this explains ‘how to raise an idea on UserVoice’ in a nutshell. Here are just some of the previous posts…

Let’s start populating the ALM Rangers UserVoice with tons of ideas Smile.

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