Announcing Public Preview for Work Item Search

Today, we are excited to announce the public preview of Work Item Search in Visual Studio Team Services. Work Item Search provides fast and flexible search across all your work items. With Work Item Search you can quickly and easily find relevant work items by searching across all work item fields over all projects in… Read more

Microsoft discontinuing Project Server/TFS Integration. Partner to provide solution

As Agile practices continue to evolve and become our customer’s primary choice for work management, we are changing how TFS and Project Server integrate. With the next major version of TFS, TFS ’15’, we will no longer provide an out-of-box integration experience between Project Server and Team Foundation Server. Nor will we be providing an… Read more

Effective Patterns for Feature Flags

Today, we are inviting Edith Harbaugh from LaunchDarkly as a guest writer for the ALM Blog to talk a little bit about the different patterns of Feature Flag implementations which has been a common topic I get asked about from many of you.  If you didn’t see it, Edith joined us on stage at Build… Read more

VSTS Process Customization futures (June 2016)

The first wave of work for process customization is complete: allowing you to modify fields, layout and states of existing work item types.  While it’s taken longer than we had anticipated, we’ve received a ton of great feedback and our plan is to continue to work through the backlog.  With the summer season beginning, I… Read more

Boolean (checkbox) fields on Team Services

The wait is over. With the latest deployment to Team Services, you can now add a checkbox to your work items. To do this, simply add a Boolean field to your work item type. It’s been a long journey and I’m sure more than one of you is wondering why it’s taken us so long…. Read more

New and updated DevLabs extensions in the Visual Studio Team Services Marketplace

Microsoft DevLabs is an outlet for experiments from Microsoft, experiments that represent some of the latest ideas around developer tools. Solutions in this category are designed for broad usage, and you are encouraged to use and provide feedback on them; however, these extensions are not supported nor are any commitments made as to their longevity…. Read more

Quickly navigate with keyboard

Shortcuts have been in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) for a long time, but not many keyboard shortcuts were available and it was not discoverable. Since a few deployments we have introduced more shortcuts using the MouseTrap open source library. You can now type in keys whenever you are not… Read more

VSTS Process Customization futures (January 2016)

NOTE: An updated roadmap as of June 2016 is now available. Last month, we released our first major milestone for process customization – the ability to add a field and modify layout, checkout my blog post on the topic if you haven’t seen it yet.  As I shared in July, this was just the first… Read more

Adding a custom field to a work item

Thank you everyone for your patience, but the wait is finally over.  Today begins our journey delivering process customization to Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS)!  We’re releasing the first stage of the rollout plan I described back in July, the ability to add custom fields & modify layout for existing work item types.  Before jumping… Read more

Visual Studio Online Process Customization: Private Preview or vNext?

Process customization is very important to our customers’ ability to adopt Visual Studio Online. In May we announced our “Private Preview” that is intended for organizations that are currently using TFS on-premises and want to move to Visual Studio Online but can’t because of the lack of process customization. Over that last several months we… Read more