New Git Features in Visual Studio 2017

We’ve added new Git features to Visual Studio 2017 that allow you to do more of your end-to-end workflow without leaving the IDE. You can perform a force push to complete a rebase or push an amended commit, easily view the diff for outgoing commits, unset your upstream branch, and continue patch rebase from VS…. Read more

Code Search is now Java friendly

In addition to C#, C, C++, and Visual Basic code, you can now do semantic searches across Java code. Adding to our Java feature set and capabilities, we recently enabled contextual search for Java files in the Code Search extension for Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server starting with TFS “15”. You can… Read more

Announcing General Availability for Code Search

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Code Search in Visual Studio Team Services. Code Search is available for Team Foundation Server “15” as well. What’s more? Code Search can be added to any Team Services account for free. By installing this extension through the Visual Studio Marketplace, any user with access… Read more

SSH support for Git repos is now available

A few months ago, Jeremy mentioned that SSH support for Git repos was in private preview. I’m happy to announce that it is now available to everyone in both TFS and Team Services. You can now connect to any Team Services repo using an SSH key, which is particularly helpful if you develop on Linux… Read more

Pull request build policies for high quality code

Branch policies are a great way to keep your code quality high, but strict build gates can sometimes introduce too much friction into the developer inner-loop.  To developers working with pull request build policies, this will sound familiar:  You have a PR that’s been approved and is ready to merge – but right before you’re… Read more

Git Experience Futures (April 2016)

Some exciting new features are coming to the Git experience over the next few months. In January, I wrote about upcoming features and many of them are available now, but a few have taken longer than we anticipated. This post isn’t a comprehensive list of the Git enhancements we’re making, but it outlines the direction we’re headed…. Read more

Squash: A Whole New Way to Merge Pull Requests

Are you the type of developer that loves to keep your repos neat and tidy?  Are you a fan of interactive rebase and fixing up your commits until they’re just right?  Do you wish you had an alternative to –no-ff merges when completing your pull request?  In the March 3rd release of Visual Studio Team Services, a… Read more

Linking Work Items to Git Branches, Commits, and Pull Requests

If you’re a developer working on a team that uses Git, you’re probably using some form of topic branching to isolate your work.  If you’re using any of the Agile tools in Visual Studio Team Services, you probably also have a bug, task, or user story that’s tracking your development work.  Until recently, the best way to… Read more

Quickly navigate with keyboard

Shortcuts have been in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) for a long time, but not many keyboard shortcuts were available and it was not discoverable. Since a few deployments we have introduced more shortcuts using the MouseTrap open source library. You can now type in keys whenever you are not… Read more

Branch and pull requests improvements for Visual Studio

In Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, we enhanced the Git experience based on your feedback. As I mentioned in the most recent Git Futures post, there’s a lot more on the way. Branches No matter what you’re doing in VS, you usually want to know what repo you’re in, the current branch, and have an… Read more