How to use Test Step using REST Client Helper?

Test Case is the backbone for all manual testing scenarios. You can create test case using the web client from Test or Work hubs OR from Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), which then are stored in Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Team Services. Using these clients you can create test artifacts such as test cases… Read more

Test & Feedback – Collaborate with your team

In the previous blogs, we have gone through the first two steps – Capture your findings and Create artifacts. In this blog, we will take you through the third step i.e. Collaborate. Test & Feedback extension provides many ways in which teams can collaborate with one another to drive the quality. You can use the… Read more

Test & Feedback extension – Create artifacts

In the previous blog “Test & Feedback – Capture your findings“, we discussed the full “Capture” capability of the Test & Feedback extension. Once all the findings have been captured, the next step is to create rich actionable work items that can be consumed by the team. In this blog we will focus on the… Read more

Test & Feedback – Capture your findings

Test & Feedback extension allows everyone in team, be it developers, testers, product owners, user experience, leads/managers etc. to contribute to quality of the application, thus making it a “team sport”. It enables you to perform exploratory tests or drive your bug bashes, without requiring predefined test cases or test steps. This extension simplifies the… Read more

Announcing General Availability for Test & Feedback extension (formerly Exploratory Testing extension)

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Test & Feedback extension (formerly Exploratory Testing extension), and this extension is free for all. With agile practices becoming more prevalent, release cycles have become shorter. It doesn’t leave much time for teams to identify all scenarios, record the steps that need to be followed, plan… Read more

Test result data retention with Team Foundation Server 2015

Test execution, especially in the automated testing workflow, generates considerable amount of data. To keep your test system performant and responsive, its recommended to periodically clean up test results that are no longer relevant. Below are sources from which test results are generated in TFS, and the current features (as of TFS 2015 RTM or… Read more

Test Planning and Management Guide – Updated

The ‘Test Release Management Guidance’, since its first release in early 2012, has been a great resource that lays down guidance about important questions pertinent to Manual Test Planning, such as: What are best practices, based on project size or development methodology? How do I structure my test plans? How do I organize my test… Read more

Test Plan and Test Suite Customization with TFS2013 Update3

One of the top feature requests from Microsoft Test Manager/Test Case Management users across various forums has been the ability to customize the Test Plan and Test Suite artifacts. Based on the feedback, with Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3, we are adding the functionality to add custom fields and workflows to Test Plans and… Read more

Case Study: Using froglogic for test UI automation with Java based applications and Microsoft Test Manager

In just the last month i have been asked three times for a case study or examples of how to test Java based systems using Microsoft Test Manager. Knowing one of the ALM MVPs, Marcel de Vries, is finishing up a very large Java project i reached out to him to find out how he… Read more

Testing devices made easier with Perfecto Mobile’s MobileCloud™ platform and Team Foundation Server

A common pain point for today’s development teams is procuring and testing the plethora of devices modern applications are now running on. To ensure the highest quality for their business-critical mobile apps, development teams require robust mobile testing solutions that address the complexities of multi-platform development in a highly fragmented mobile market. While solving just… Read more